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Stingray Boats from the United States was founded by Al Fink in 1797. The family business began with only two molds and a small number of qualified employees.

In 1999, Stingray was the first of all American shipyards to introduce resins with a minimum amount of gelcoats and styrene, which complies with California Environmental Regulation 1162. This step, combined with new spraying devices, reduced harmful emissions when creating boats, more than 30%.

Focusing on environmental friendliness, each model is equipped with a tread that allows you to avoid fuel spills during refueling. The boats are equipped with four-stroke outboard motors, which not only ensures economical fuel consumption, but also minimizes environmental damage.

Stingray Boats is an active participant in the recycling program: all waste - steel, cardboard (more than £ 100,000 per year), composites, pallets, etc., are never discarded, but recycled repeatedly.

Official distributors and dealers are located in more than ten countries around the world, boats are exported to the European, American and Australian markets.

The shipyard, which offers cabin cruise boats and outboard engines, creates them in four series: Deck Boats (bow bowers with an extended bow), Cuddies / Cruiser (with cabin bow), Sport Decks and Sport Boats (high-speed bowriders). A total of 21 models in the company's lineup are 5-8 m long. Mostly the boats are equipped with a center console.

The company is known for its experiments: the shipyard was one of the first to build its vessels in a robotic plant, and created a full-fledged sales site. In addition, the manufacturer was the first to use the innovative Z-plane type Deep V, in which the protruding parts were replaced on a plane, which improved the contour and seaworthiness.

Stingray is located in Hartsville, South Carolina, with more than 20,900 m2 of production sites. The shipyard is equipped with automated technical means that allow you to create some of the best cruisers in its class.

All products were initially oriented to family vacations, in addition, each boat can be modernized without significant financial and technical costs.

Yacht models

Sport Boats

new from $ 53 185
new from $ 67 504
Length 7.00 m10 Passengers2013 - 2024
new from $ 56 962

Sport Decks

new from $ 37 443
new from $ 39 983
new from $ 64 377
new from $ 58 547
new from $ 77 079
new from $ 80 336

Cuddy Cabin

new from $ 65 582
new from $ 56 127
new from $ 59 622
new from $ 69 816
new from $ 39 180

Cabin Cruiser

Length 7.60 m10 Passengers2013 - 2024
new from $ 93 124

Discontinued production models

new from $ 80 336
Length 5.50 m7 Passengers2013 - 2018
new from $ 31 309
Length 5.90 m8 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 5.90 m8 Passengers2013 - 2016
Length 5.90 m8 Passengers2013 - 2015
Length 5.90 m8 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 5.90 m8 Passengers2013 - 2017
Length 6.20 m1 Cabin2000 - 2007
Length 7.00 m10 Passengers1970 - 1970
new from $ 53 185
Length 7.00 m10 Passengers2016 - 2018
Length 7.20 m12 Passengers2016 - 2017
Length 7.30 m12 Passengers1970 - 1970
new from $ 64 377

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