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company History

British shipyard Trader is based in the South of the UK seaside Southampton, known for its long shipbuilding tradition. The company is undoubtedly their successor, however, does not stand apart from technical progress in the industry.

Brand Trader has existed since 1979 as part of the famous Tarquin Boat Company. During this time there were manufactured more than 500 yachts. In July 2009, during the restructuring of the brand was allocated to the company Trader Motor Yachts for more effective promotion of the brand in the current economic conditions.


the Yachts are built on a Trader built "from scratch" coastal shipyards in England. Modern equipment allows to work effectively with the latest composite materials providing a high quality and durability of the courts. In addition, it gives the opportunity to implement the concept of polyatomic boats, which opens the future the shipowner extensive choice in terms of finish and completion of the yacht.


Boat Trader designed for serious swimming in the sea and ocean conditions without sacrificing the comfort of the crew and guests. They have a length of from 12 to 24 meters, a composite hull and stationary diesel engines.

the Youngest model in the portfolio of the shipyard is 38 Trader Sprit, a typical representative >closed cruise yacht with hardtop. A planing boat >fly Trader 42 Signature provides even more space and speed. On the top line is >forwarding the yacht Trader Superyacht, which combines the potential of the ocean and truly British luxury interiors. Caterpillar diesel and a power reserve of 1800 nautical miles hinted at serious ability.


Despite a touch of English conservatism, in Trader apply the most modern engineering solutions.

In particular, the compact series can be used to detect the innovative Zeus drive with swivel venerologie speakers who provide these boats with unprecedented freedom and precision manoeuvring even in the most cramped areas. These qualities combined with high efficiency and easy operation even for the inexperienced helmsman.

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