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company History

in 70s, the future founder of Yaretti, Walter Sigl (Sigl Walter), told about the prospects of cooperation with Taiwan in the shipbuilding industry. When in 1987 he decided to create his own company, asked for help from one of the founders and naval architect of the shipyard friendly, John Lou (John Lu).

John coped with the task, and by 1994, the stocks of the Taiwan shipyard has produced more than 60 motor yachts premium, which was in great demand in European countries.

the Outbreak of hostilities during the period of the Yugoslav crisis has deprived the company a significant market share, so the release under the brand Yaretti was temporarily suspended. In 2003 alone, the son of Walter — Sigl Rene (Rene Siegl) continued the family business and organized a company YHG Yachthandels reviving the brand.

company Status

currently, the release boats Yaretti again stopped.


the Yaretti Company did not have its own factories, she always used the services of the shipyard Horison. The development of new models engaged the Taiwanese Bureau under the management of John Lou.


the range includes luxury boats with length from 15 to 25 meters. The company mainly produced >a planing yacht with a flybridge. The model has received extensive panoramic interior, exterior and traced the smooth lines of corps in the Italian style.


Boats Yaretti one of the first fiberglass hull built with a revolutionary for its time, the technique of vacuum infusion. Therefore, the yacht was valued not only for comfort but also for good sailing performance and handling.

Yacht models


Length 14.80 m3 Cabins7 Passengers
Length 19.10 m5 Cabins10 Passengers
Length 21.10 m5 Cabins10 Passengers

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