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Yacht trips start at Herceg Novi Marina and ferry you across the bay to the tranquil whitewashed fishing village of Rose. For those looking for historical relics, it might be advisable to look into the old submarine hideout or investigate a sunken fishing boat that was ripped off the quays during a storm and is still near the bay.

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Just because Montenegro is the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea and a desirable place for swimming with a beautiful coast and favorable winds, you should already visit Herceg Novi. In Herceg Novi you will find beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, excellent food and hospitable people. Take just a few minutes to choose one of our yachts and plan your unique trip on the water.

Spend your holidays on one of our yachts with family or friends and enjoy a cruise along the wonderful coast of Herceg Novi. If you visit our beach once, you will always be happy to return here.

In former times, in Yugoslavia, Herceg Novi was one of the main beach destinations in the region. Currently, however, it is often overlooked due to the popularity of sandy beaches with party-oriented entertainment centers further south along the Adriatic.

At the height of summer, local tourists flood hotels and resorts along the Herceg Novi promenade. Visit the city even beyond this time, and you will find a surprisingly peaceful coastal city, where the streets are full of flowering trees , fruit-bearing pomegranates and kiwi and enough fresh seafood to satisfy any appetite.

Superb beaches

Herceg Novi may no longer be Montenegro's main beach destination, but there are more than enough facilities here to occupy the visitor for several days without crowds of vacationers. Relaxing on a rented yacht is the best thing to do in Herceg Novi during your visit.

Yacht trips start near Herceg Novi Marina and take you across the bay to the calm whitewashed fishing village of Rose. Draped in purple bougainvillea and vines, it is not more picturesque than other areas. For those who are looking for historical monuments, you can be advised to look into the old shelter for the submarine or to explore the sunken fishing boat that was ripped off the quays during a storm and is still located near the bay. For those who want to relax, just pull the chair under the fragrant trees and spend the evening sipping coffee or local wine before taking a swim or snorkeling on the quiet pebble beach of this city. The water here is cleaner than on the mainland, and you will most likely beFeel comfortable on city beaches .

Perhaps not as magnificent as the nearby Dubrovnik or Kotor, but also not so tourist-oriented and not so expensive, the old town of Herceg Novi has several winding stone streets hiding beautiful flowering courtyards , and, best of all, in the strong Montenegrin heat, Dozens of ice cream stalls.

After choosing your favorite drink or ice cream, go up the steep stairs uphill to Kanli Kula, an old fortress and amphitheater with the best view of the bay.

The Lustica peninsula, acting as the opening of the Bay of Kotor, is part of developed coastal chaos, part of a remote desert with secluded places for swimming , and you just need to visit this place.

The Tivat side is built up and noisy, and it seems that half of the country comes down here on weekends to fall apart on every inch of pebbles on blue horizons and beaches.

Yacht Charter in Herceg Novi

All our boats are in Herceg Novi, and we offer an easy start and finish point. Renting your own yacht will give you a unique chance to see the coast of Montenegro. Yacht Charter in Herceg Novi Perfect for you, whether you want to enjoy a trip with family and friends, or want to experience an adventure and take part in a regatta with our experienced skipper. Let us help you make your trip unforgettable!

If you are interested in learning to sail, a local sailing school works. No age restrictions! All enthusiasts are welcome.

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