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The Drachten Waterway goes through the industrial zone, which bears the beautiful name of Haven, and is connected with the Princess Margaret Canal, and further into the national waterway network. Therefore, Drachten is a great place for sailors.

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Here, for starters, two curious facts may be. The first - Drachten, located almost in the center of the Netherlands, is not a city, by status it is still a village. The second fact - judging by the name of the village (and it, by the way, is the size of a small city, it simply does not have such a status), dragons once lived here. Well, or the population of the surrounding villages and towns once believed in this.

The names are sometimes kept (borrowed from the hands of folk tradition) a lot - Drachten, for example, means "dragons". The Netherlands is a country with a rich history, and, in fact, it is a merchant country. So, the village was built when in 1641 canals were dug to float peat along these water arteries - it was very much valued and sales, as well as trade developed thanks to the canals, gave the place prosperity, and its residents welfare . At least - they were full, dressed, literate, and this is a lot for the 17-18 centuries. And the most interesting thing in this story is that prosperity lasted almost until the middle of the 19th century, the village was the economic and administrative center of its region (the old town hall of Smallingerland County is still here), but for some reason it did not become a city. Although Drachten retained significance for the region until the fifties of the 20th century, when its population grew significantly.

Drachten is a great place for yachtsmen

And yet, in this village, in a country dotted with canals, you can easily remove a yacht. Yacht charter here is not only possible, but mandatory for a self-respecting tourist or yachtsman.

Among the places that you definitely need to see in Drachten, the following can be distinguished (some have already grown old enough for this and have grown not only with moss, but also with history, while others have arisen to please the average man only in the past century):

  • Former monastery in Wightiveg of Burgemister;
  • Blekerhoe (mansion in Molineinda);
  • House on Station Street (built in art nouveau style);
  • Several houses designed by the municipal architect Sis Rienx de Boer, the woodwork of which was designed by another famous architect, Theo van Dusburg, created in 1921.

The fact is that once, in order to direct explosive growth in the right direction, the municipality of Smollingerland (to which our village belongs administratively) hired a well-known architectural firm that helped make the city modern in a significantly short time. Therefore, the ancient architecture here is so seamlessly and stylistically verified correlates with modern buildings . Drachten has 24 national monuments and 37 municipal monuments in its thesaurus.

Where are the yachts?

Waterways in the Netherlands, this country of canals, are sometimes unexpected, and sometimes very much in demand. Remember, we talked about rafting the peat for sale, the canal laid down at the base of the village and the water trade that allowed the village to get rich? Well, the “Vaarweg (waterway) Drachten”, running through an industrial zone, bearing the beautiful name of Haven (heaven), is connected to the channel of Princess Margaret (which leads just to the sea, northern and therefore attractive for yachtsmen) and, therefore, with the national waterway network. What could be better than a yacht charter in a place like the Netherlands? Just a yacht trip !

So it’s worth preparing for a fantastic charter holiday on a yacht and traveling along the canals of the Netherlands, bypassing the historical and picturesque places on your way. And Drachten, Friesland is a great place to rent a boat at the most reasonable prices.