Charter yacht in Albufeira

11 yachts for rent in Albufeira

Sea voyages are a great way to diversify your holiday in Portugal. Today, there is a good opportunity to rent a yacht in Albufeira , which will make it possible to enjoy both sea views and the view of the city from a different angle. The city of Albufeira is also a seaport located in the south of Portugal. If you take into account the entire district of Faro, then Albufeira is considered here the main resort. It has its own attractions, which attracts many tourists and travelers.

  • 2004
  • Length 15.00 m
  • Beam 15.00 m
  • Draft 2.00 m
$ 550
per day
23:33 08.08.2020
  • 2003
  • Length 12.55 m
  • Beam 4.00 m
  • Draft 2.00 m
$ 636
per day
06:09 08.08.2020
Lagoon 440
Albufeira, Portugal
  • 2011
  • Length 13.61 m
  • Beam 7.69 m
  • Draft 1.29 m
$ 1 081
per day
10:06 26.06.2020
Jeanneau 53
Albufeira, Portugal
  • 2011
  • Length 15.73 m
  • Beam 4.77 m
  • Draft 2.28 m
$ 722
per day
04:59 06.05.2020
  • 1987
  • Length 7.85 m
  • Beam 2.20 m
  • Draft 1.85 m
$ 301
per day
02:42 03.12.2019
  • 2007
  • Length 8.00 m
$ 573
per day
02:42 03.12.2019
Boliqueime 50 — JV (2004)
Albufeira, Portugal
  • 2004
  • Length 15.00 m
  • Beam 3.50 m
  • Draft 1.20 m
$ 777
per day
23:22 26.09.2019
ALGARVE — 53 (2013)
Albufeira, Portugal
  • 2013
  • Length 16.15 m
  • Beam 8.50 m
  • Draft 1.20 m
$ 3 138
per day
00:19 24.09.2019
Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43
Albufeira, Portugal
  • 2001
  • Length 13.21 m
  • Beam 4.19 m
  • Draft 4.19 m
$ 485
per day
10:53 09.09.2019
  • 1978
  • Length 14.33 m
  • Beam 4.30 m
  • Draft 2.00 m
$ 819
per day
12:35 30.06.2019
  • 1997
  • Length 5.70 m
$ 516
per day
21:49 21.06.2019

Holiday Benefits

The resort of Albufeira is located on the sunny side of Portugal, so it is very pleasant and comfortable to relax here not only in the summer. And what kind of rest can be without a warm sea, entertainment on the water? This is what attracts a large number of tourists here. Many of them note that renting a yacht in Albufeira, although it seems expensive at first glance, is still nothing compared to the impressions received.

Why is it worth coming here? There are several reasons for relaxing here, and you should pay attention to them:

  • very good infrastructure;
  • wonderful beaches are offered;
  • the resort stretched for many kilometers;
  • You can relax most of the time of the year.

As for the last point, the beach season begins here in April and lasts until the very end of October. There are a lot of sunny days, a comfortable temperature is offered for relaxation. In addition, a yacht charter in Albufeira gives you the opportunity to diversify your vacation, to avoid the sweltering heat on the beach in the summer.

Location, climate and attractions

Albufeira is considered one of the main tourist centers both in Portugal itself and throughout Europe. Tourists often try to get here, not only from neighboring countries, but also those located thousands of kilometers away. It is pleasant to rest here both on land and on water. Moreover, yacht charter in Albufeira is possible 7 days a week, and even on weekends.

  1. Location

The resort of Albufeira is located in the south of Portugal. This region is called the Algarve. On the one hand, the city is surrounded by wonderful sandy beaches, and on land all around are pine forests and orange groves. The city is small, there are no more than 25 thousand inhabitants in it. But in the holiday season, it increases many times. Tourists are also attracted by the fact that the city is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. And this means that if you take advantage of a yacht charter in Albufeira , we will no longer talk about sea navigation, but about a cruise in the ocean. From here you can go by sea to explore other cities and towns located in the coastal zone.

  1. Climate

The climate in Albufeira is very conducive to relaxation most of the year. It can be called Mediterranean, when it is usually hot in summer, and winter is very mild. The air temperature does not fall below 12-13 C ° even in January and February. But it is during the day, and at night it is 8-9 C °. Due to the fact that the ocean is nearby, even in July and August the temperature is quite comfortable, it does not rise above 27-28 C °. And if it seems hot, there is always the opportunity to rent a yacht in Albufeira with a skipper or with the possibility of personal control.

  1. Sights

The main attraction in Albufeira is its wonderful beaches. But do not lose sight of the fact that there is an interesting Moorish castle. We are talking about the fortress in Paderna XII century. Particularly attractive can be called the old city, which is considered very picturesque. Many tourists are attracted to the Zoomarine Algarve theme park. But is it possible to skip the observation deck, which is called the Pau da Bandeira Viewpoint? The whole resort is perfectly visible from here. It is possible to expand the tourist horizons by visiting the ruins of ancient medieval mosques or museums.


Relax at this resort is very nice. This is especially true of the situation, if you diversify your vacation by renting a yacht in Albufeira , which is easy to do using the service It offers a different type of water transport, so it is easy to choose both a motor and a sailing yacht. You can rent for any period, which will give you the opportunity to go on an independent voyage, experience an adventure. And if you use scuba, you will always be able to dive to the depths.