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There are many great vacation spots around Seattle to charter yacht. For example: Bainbridge Island, home to the famous Bloedel Nature Reserve; Union Lakes; Ballard locks; Blake Island, home to an excellent offshore camping and quay park with a long and scenic coastline.

You can go on an unforgettable journey across the islands and the sea surface by renting a yacht in Seattle - the yacht capital of the United States. To organize a bachelor party, hen party, birthday celebration or just a business meeting, just choose from the many advantageous offers presented on our website, and our managers will help you arrange a rental.

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There are no boats matching your search. Please modify your requirements to find available boats or contact us if you have a specific charter project.

Seattle is renowned for its spectacularly beautiful views of the mountains and bodies of water around it - it lies between the Puget Sound Bays in the west and freshwater lakes in the east. Therefore, one of the most fascinating ways to explore Seattle and its amazing landscapes is to take a luxury yacht cruise with our outstanding experienced crew aboard.

What awaits you

Yacht charter will allow you to visit most of Seattle's sights and get to know the city from the best side.

Here are a few places that you should definitely see .

  • Bainbridge Island, just 9 miles from downtown Seattle, the pearl of the island is the famous Bloedel Wildlife Sanctuary, a forest garden ideal for weekend walks.
  • Lake Union and Washington.
  • Houseboats on Lake Union will amaze you.
  • Ballard Castles is one of Seattle's most noteworthy places. Gateway devices between Union Lake and Puget Sound, allowing vessels to freely pass between sections of water at different levels.
  • A cruise around Lake Washington will overlook Mount Rainier and allow you to take a look at the residences of Seattle's wealthiest residents. The cost of these houses built along the promenade is estimated at several million dollars.
  • Blake Island, it has an excellent maritime camping and a mooring park with a long and picturesque coastline. You can go ashore and take a walk along the winding walking and cycling trails of the park . If you are lucky, you can encounter a deer here, they can sometimes be seen on the island.
  • San Juan Island's marina offers an evening jetty, allowing guests to explore sidewalk markets, local art galleries, boutiques and cafes. The variety of marine life and seabirds that inhabit San Juan Island will amaze you. Pay attention to killer whales, porpoises, fur seals, bald eagles and other seabirds.

During the voyage, guests who rented a yacht can visit the captain in the wheelhouse and even try to control the boat , as well as ask all questions regarding the management of the ship. If you want to relax at sea, then as an alternative to historical places, we can build a cruise route that focuses on the uninhabited islands, marine life and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

The sea is a way to escape from the bustle of the world. Life on the water, waves, wind - all this will give a feeling of freedom. Even if the trip takes only half a day, you will definitely feel it - You will change and never become the same . Problems and stress will remain ashore. You will feel the sun and the wind on your face and enrich yourself with energy and an unforgettable life experience for many years to come. That's all. We invite you to relax. Come with us to become even happier.

What we offer

As soon as you contact us, you will receive much more than just a rented boat. We provide a huge number of charter services, which can hardly be found in the price list of other companies.

We will provide you with any assistance so that you can choose a yacht that suits your interests. The list of services will satisfy the most refined taste:

  • sports yachts;
  • luxury motor yachts;
  • party yachts;
  • speed boats;
  • catamarans;
  • sailing boats.

If you want to organize a romantic walk with a partner, a weekend trip with your family or even organize a corporate event for your colleagues, then our yachts with a professional all-inclusive crew are ready to take you with you an unforgettable cruise in your life ! We offer all types of yacht charter in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest according to your individual wishes and requirements so that you can experience the feeling of maximum freedom and comfort within your budget.

Our employees are well trained and ready to meet any of your needs. Our crew members and captains embody professionalism, courtesy and efficiency that we hope will exceed your expectations. All of our private yachts feature a full range of modern amenities . Luxury yachts are a way of life. And when you are on vacation, you should enjoy and experience the luxury, glamor and sophistication of a yacht trip all the time. Everything that you have ever dreamed about, we will provide you in the best possible way. Do not miss the opportunity.

Start organizing your next unusual Seattle charter adventure. Fill out our online booking form and get all the necessary information. You can also call our consultants! Contact our specialists directly at the number at the top of the page, or send us your request by e-mail. Once you have chosen the yacht that best suits your budget and needs, be prepared to plan a cruise trip or a business trip!