5,94 m / 19,49 ft
2,44 m / 8,01 ft
0,79 m / 2,59 ft
1,43 tonne
132 liters

Heyday WT-1 SC is a tow boat, a modification of the earlier sports models of the Bayliner shipyard. It has a fiberglass case with two basic color options - black and white. The vessel is 6 meters long and 5.3 meters wide. It has a load capacity of 550 kilograms and accommodates up to 9 passengers. CE certification (C) allows you to operate the boat only in coastal waters.

The cockpit and the bow of the vessel are not separated by a partition - this structural solution allowed us to increase usable space. The boat is equipped with a corner sofa with a built-in locker, a seat for two people and two seats (for the captain and passenger). There is a lockable drawer in the bow and a compartment for water skiing and wakeboard is built into the floor. Adjustment of the steering wheel and the adjacent seat is provided.

At the stern there are two more seats, separated by a sunbed with a built-in locker. The boat comes with a folding towing arch and a removable platform for access to water. A folding awning is installed on the arch, covering the manager and passengers from the sun.

The Heyday WT-1 SC standard stationary engine has 320 hp. However, the customer can choose the option of a boat with an engine capacity of 350 hp. Fuel tank capacity is limited to 132 liters.

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