19,60 m / 64,30 ft
5,60 m / 18,37 ft
2,40 m / 7,87 ft
33,00 tonne
1 400 liters
Fresh water
900 liters

Amel 64 has emerged as a response to the constant desire of the shipyard's clients to have a bigger size. With its design takes into account all the wishes of regular Amel yacht owners and retained all the features of Amel boats: the two-masted armed, well protected comfortable cockpit, ease of operation and excellent sound insulation. Of course, retained watertight bulkheads and the possibility of engine and alternator to work even in the flooded yacht. As she says shipyard, despite the increase in size, this yacht continues to be a family vessel that does not require a full-time captain or boatswain.

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