4,93 m / 16,17 ft
2,18 m / 7,15 ft
0,79 m / 2,59 ft
0,00 tonne
68 liters

The 160 Bowrider Bowrider is a pleasure boat that has been produced since 2014 and can accommodate up to five passengers. This is a compact model with a length of 5 meters and a width of 2 meters. An effective control system allows you to keep the ship moving smoothly in any weather conditions. The boat has an international certificate of category C (CE) and can only be used in coastal waters.

The bow-rider case is made of fiberglass, has a cockpit with a sofa and two seats (one of them is for the helmsman). On the bow is equipped with an outdoor area with additional seats. Dimensions allow the owner to independently transport the ship and store it in the garage. The load capacity of the model is limited to 300 kilograms.

An outboard engine with a capacity of 60 horsepower is provided as standard. However, the customer can choose another option, whose power is 90 horsepower. The standard engine allows the Bayliner 160 Bowrider to accelerate to 22 knots. The fuel tank has a capacity of 68 liters - when operating the vessel at cruising speed (18 knots), its cruising range is approximately 140 nautical miles.

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