5,33 m / 17,49 ft
2,11 m / 6,92 ft
0,89 m / 2,92 ft
0,00 tonne
79 liters

170 Bowrider is an open hull bow rider, launched by Bayliner since 2013. The model has international certification CE (C) - it is designed for operation in coastal waters. The vessel holds up to five people, and its carrying capacity is 390 kilograms. The fiberglass case of the model has a length of 5.33 meters and a width of 2.11 meters.

The cockpit is equipped with two seats (captain and passenger) and a three-seater sofa. Both seats can be swiveled and adjustable in height. Lockers for personal items are mounted on the sofa. On the left side and in the floor are compartments for inventory. The captain can adjust the position of the helm. The boat is equipped with a removable high awning, hiding the cockpit from the sun.

Through the opening in the windshield, you can go from the cockpit to the bow, equipped with two seats. A removable fishing chair is installed on it (a special mount is provided), which is supplied with the Bayliner 170 Bowrider. At the stern of the vessel there is a platform for access to water, equipped with a ladder and a tow bar.

3 options of outboard motors with power of 90, 115 and 125 hp are available to customers. The capacity of the fuel tank is 79 liters. The cruise speed of the boat is 18 knots, the maximum is 22 knots.

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  • 2021
  • Length 5.36 m
  • Beam 1.86 m
  • Draft 0.34 m
$ 26 419
09:01 19.04.2023
  • 2022
  • Length 5.33 m
  • Beam 1.86 m
  • Draft 0.34 m
$ 26 419
08:02 18.11.2022

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