• 2004 - 2015
  • 9 Passengers
5,79 m / 19,00 ft
2,41 m / 7,91 ft
0,99 m / 3,25 ft
0,00 tonne
132 liters

Bayliner 195 Bowrider is a small boat for a big company. From the specification, this boat can take on Board up to 9 people. It is unlikely that ship standing out on the water in this quantity, however a group of up to 5 people will feel great on this boat very comfortable. The standard layout of the cockpit Bayliner 195 Bowrider provides the seat for steering to the right, left or two chairs back to back and two more chairs in the stern right and left of the engine. Package "sport" involves two swivel chairs for the helmsman and Navigator, rear sofa and a deckchair on the lid of the engine compartment. Bayliner 195 easy transformirovalsya in a boat for towing a wakeboarder or skier — in this version the boat is equipped with wakeboard-arch, extended swim platform, facilitating the descent of the boards in the water, and decorated with additional "sport" graphics on the body. The boat is equipped with engine capacity of 220 or 260 HP and a light trailer, thanks to which the 195 Bowrider will not be tied to one pond or one Marina.

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