• 2003 - 2011
  • 9 Passengers
  • 4 Bed
7,34 m / 24,08 ft
2,57 m / 8,43 ft
0,84 m / 2,76 ft
0,00 tonne
242 liters
Fresh water
75 liters

What length should be a planing cruiser, its cabin can be straightened in all growth? 10 meters, 9 meters? Of 7.34! That is the length of together with integrated bathing platform has a Bayliner 245 Cruiser. While the level of comfort the baby is not inferior to many more stalwart brethren. In the nose, the spacious cabin is a cabin with V-shaped sofa and table, under cockpit double bed. Between them on the starboard side fits pretty spacious toilet with sink. On the port side is the galley, where at desire it is possible to build a refrigerator, microwave and alcohol electric stove. In the cockpit, where between the aft and front sofa, reclining, you can set the picnic table in the fresh air, and can accommodate a fairly large company. Bayliner 245 Cruiser with all its capacity and habitability, can be transported on a trailer — width-the total of 2.57 meters. Is that fashionable appearance can not boast of a boat, but the drawback is he can be forgiven.

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