6,81 m / 22,34 ft
2,36 m / 7,74 ft
0,40 m / 1,31 ft
167 liters

Element CC7 is a passenger boat manufactured by Bayliner shipyard since 2016. It has the international CE (C) certificate, which allows it to be used only in coastal waters. The model accommodates up to 10 passengers, its fiberglass hull is 6.81 meters long and 2.36 meters wide.

The vessel has an open bow, fenced with metal railing. It is equipped with several seats and a sun lounger. Lockers for personal items are mounted in places for passengers. The cockpit of the vessel is not protected from its bow. It houses a captain's post with an electronic control panel, an adjustable steering wheel, a built-in drawer and a seat for two people. A high awning is installed on the cockpit, covering it from the sun.

Behind the captain’s post is another seat for several passengers with built-in drawers. The stern of the vessel is equipped with two compact platforms for access to water, one of which has a ladder. The platform has a spacious locker and mount for an outboard motor.

Bayliner Element CC7 is equipped with two options of outboard engines with a capacity of 115 or 150 hp The fuel tank capacity is limited to 118 liters.

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