5,49 m / 18,01 ft
2,13 m / 6,99 ft
0,20 m / 0,66 ft
0,00 tonne
45 liters

Bayliner Element XL combines the advantages of basic model Element and a more expensive line Bowrider. On the one hand, the Element XL has a practical, concise layout, with another impressive set of options, which gives the future owner as many degrees of freedom that initially a simple model can become a unique boat, tuned to the needs of each individual client. Still, the main feature Element of XL is the simplicity of the concept coupled with the quality of workmanship that is not often found on the market. Dashboard control emphasized ascetic — there is only a speedometer with a built-in voltmeter. Under the seats and beds found storage compartments, or boating equipment. Not every boat of this size and price range has, for example, the bow compartment for anchor. Here it is. Corps with lines of M-type patented Bayliner, able to forgive many errors of piloting, and it is important for those who are just starting to learn water space. With optional engine capacity of 115 HP boat accelerates to 40 knots and goes on plane in 2.8 seconds. So any owner Element XL regardless of experience guaranteed to get their adrenaline pumping.

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