7,01 m / 23,00 ft
2,43 m / 7,97 ft
0,78 m / 2,56 ft
132 liters

Bayliner WT-2 is a sports towing boat designed for boat trips, waterskiing or wakeboarding in the coastal area. In construction and design, the WT-2 has much in common with the previous WT-1, but is more capacious than it. Its configuration with a side console provides more internal free space, which allows 12 passengers to board. Deck along the entire length of the boat has a non-slip coating SeaDek.

Aft there is a unique transom with an angle of 117 degrees, which eliminates the use of expensive transom plates.

Bayliner WT-2 comes with a dashboard for a 10-inch Android tablet, which can be directly connected to the ship's control system in several ways:

  • wireless transmission of engine data to the tablet, including indicators of flow rate and current fuel balance, engine revolutions per minute, boat speed, sailing time, oil pressure in the system, engine temperature and other important parameters
  • Bluetooth connection: music synchronization, GoPro application, connection to social networks and music streaming services (operator subscription required).

The tablet itself is optionally available as an option.

The boat has been manufactured by Bayliner shipyard since 2017. The length of this sports tow is 7.01 meters, draft - 0.78 meters. There are several engine options to choose from from 350 to 409 hp.

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