11,00 m / 36,09 ft
3,29 m / 10,79 ft
2,19 m / 7,19 ft
4,22 tonne
1,57 tonne
Single body

The J/111 was developed according to employees of the shipyard, to become "the fastest and most easily driven yacht of its size on the market." The result of the work of the designers was a very fast boat to reach speeds up to 9 knots on acute courses and complete showing on the lag double-digit numbers. It is difficult to enumerate all of the regatta for the last time, where the J/111 was in the top three in IRC or ORC handicap. Another great advantage of the J/111 is the ease of control and handling. Two people is more than enough for any work on this boat, even for setting and cleaning up. If to do without a Spinnaker, this boat can be quite walk alone.

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