15,21 m / 49,90 ft
4,47 m / 14,67 ft
1,68 m / 5,51 ft
16,76 tonne
5,67 tonne
613 liters
Fresh water
734 liters

Marlow-Hunter has been producing the 50 Center Cockpit yacht since 2009. The vessel has a fiberglass hull, the length of which is 15.21 meters, width - 4.47 meters, and draft - 1.68 meters. It has twelve seats and four berths for passengers. International CE (A) certification allows you to go out to the high seas.

In the center of the yacht's cockpit there is a captain's post equipped with an adjustable steering wheel, two seats and a metal arch on which a folding awning is mounted. Next to it are two sofas for several people and a compact folding table. Along the sides of the vessel, there are passages to its bow, fenced with a rail, and at the stern there is a retractable platform equipped with a ladder for access to the water and a towing attachment.

Opposite the captain's post there is a door leading to the main cabin of the yacht, equipped with two soft sofas for several people, a dining table, an electronic control panel with an easy chair, a galley with a sink, oven and electric ovens, a refrigerator and several drawers for food, as well as a separate room with bathroom and shower. There are two spacious cabins with double beds, wardrobes, spacious lockers for personal belongings and compact tables in the bow and behind the entrance stairs of the vessel.

The sail area of the Marlow-Hunter 50 Center Cockpit is 118.64 m². The model is equipped with a 75 hp stationary engine. Its fuel tank capacity is 613 liters, and the water tank capacity is 734 liters.

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  • 2007
  • Length 15.21 m
  • Beam 4.47 m
  • Draft 1.68 m
$ 159 900
08:24 11.03.2021
  • 2013
  • Length 15.24 m
  • Beam 4.50 m
  • Draft 1.68 m
$ 340 000
23:07 10.03.2021

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