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The Marlow-Hunter brand was registered over forty years ago, but its history dates back to the 1830s. At that time, Henry Lurs, a well-known merchant of components and tools for ship repairs, lived in New York. His grandson Henry also took up the yachting business, which he passed on to his sons, John and Warren. It was they who began to actively develop yacht production in the 1960s and in 1973 registered the Hunter brand.

The first models produced by the company immediately gained prominence among yachting enthusiasts, as two of them - Thursday's Child and Hunter's Child - were used by Warren Lurs, a famous yachtsman and one of the company's executives, when installing world records.

In 1988, the staff of the shipyard was expanded and the warranty period for ships produced by it was increased. Rob Mazz, a designer from Canada, known all over the world, was invited to develop the design of new models. These solutions have allowed to develop the production of new boats, which have gained great popularity among yacht enthusiasts.

In 2012, the Hunter brand was acquired by David Marlow and renamed Marlow-Hunter. The company's main manufacturing facilities and headquarters are located in Florida, and additional factories were built in the early 2000s in Connecticut and the UK.

The company manufactures pleasure yachts with a Mediterranean cockpit and fiberglass hull in lengths from 9 to 15 meters, as well as the CC line - vessels with a central cockpit, intended for outings to the open sea The shipyard also produces compact sports sailboats with hulls ranging from 4 to 6 meters long - the Marlow-Hunter 15, 18 and 22 models are actively used by yachtsmen to participate in races.

The yachts produced by the shipyard are equipped with winged keels, which provide them with high maneuverability and smooth sailing even at high speed. The interiors of each model are made using elite woods, which makes the cabins elegant and cozy. The exterior design of the brand's sailboats is recognizable thanks to the installation of several skylights on the deck and steel arches above the cockpit.

Yacht models

Fiberglass Trailerable Daysailers 15-22 Feet

new from $ 10 123
new from $ 14 217
new from $ 29 990

Mid-Size Keelboats 31-37 Feet

new from $ 137 912
new from $ 148 998
Length 12.12 m2 Cabins10 Passengers
new from $ 212 731

Large Keelboats 40-50 Feet

new from $ 259 998
Length 12.57 m2 Cabins10 Passengers
new from $ 246 964
new from $ 433 985
Length 15.39 m3 Cabins13 Passengers

Discontinued production models

Length 7.62 m1 Cabin6 Passengers
Length 8.23 m2 Cabins5 Passengers
Length 10.97 m1 Cabin6 Passengers
Length 12.19 m3 Cabins12 Passengers
Length 13.17 m3 Cabins6 Passengers
Length 13.66 m3 Cabins8 Passengers
Length 13.72 m2 Cabins2006 - 2010

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