11,60 m / 38,06 ft
3,75 m / 12,30 ft
1,80 m / 5,91 ft
9,00 tonne
290 liters
Fresh water
376 liters

Nordship 380 DS was a further development of the ideas embodied in the model of the Nordship 40 DS is the first modern model of the shipyard, saw the light in 2007. Its main distinctive feature was the huge cockpit, for the first time in the history of the company is divided into two parts: "working" and "guest". The guest cockpit, as he expected, completely free of winches and gear, but it is at the table can easily accommodate up to 8 people. The internal layout is typical of the North European yacht builders and focused on maximum comfort and privacy: in addition to a large dining salon there is a little "media", designed to view installed a large TV. Careful approach to the use of below deck space gave designers the ability to shield inside a small room that can be used as storage or workshop.

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Nordship 380 DS
  • 2009
  • Length 11.60 m
  • Beam 3.75 m
  • Draft 1.80 m
$ 352 162
17:41 30.08.2019
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