40,16 m / 131,76 ft
8,02 m / 26,31 ft
2,29 m / 7,51 ft
230,00 tonne
Cruising speed
18,00 kn
Max speed
20,00 kn
29 000 liters
Fresh water
4 000 liters
Sea class
B. Sea craft

Princess 40M - the first prototypes of this yacht model were shown to the public in 2012, but in a series she went after a series of improvements, a year later, in 2013. In the manufacture of the hull of the yacht, the vacuum molding method was used, which allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the vessel, increase strength and reduce the thickness of parts, due to which the interior of the boat was increased. The interior is decorated with expensive wood in contrasting colors.

The yacht is three-decked, it can comfortably accommodate 12 guests and 7 crew members. The standard equipment includes hinged balconies that turn the central lounge into a great place to relax. The bow of the central deck is fully reserved for a master cabin with wide portholes, two bathrooms with a shower, which can be combined into one spacious wardrobe and an entrance hall. All levels of the yacht are interconnected using the central staircase. A distinctive feature of the yacht is the SPA complex, which in its configuration is not inferior to most land analogues. The interior is equipped with modern audio systems and TVs.

The customer can independently choose the options for power plants that will be mounted on the yacht. Two options, 2 x 2938 hp MTU 12V 4000 M73L, or 2 x 3509 HP MTU 12V 4000 M93L. The first version of the power plant is able to provide a speed of 20-22 knots, the second - 21-23 knots. The tanks of this model of the yacht hold 29 thousand liters of fuel and 4 tons of clean water.

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Reviewed 17 Aug 2020
My Princess 40M is already 3 years old and I took a maximum of 12 people on board. For all my friends there are comfortable and spacious cabins where you can rest and relax, and in our family, with the purchase of this yacht, it is now such a tradition that we spend all birthdays on the ship. The ship has 2 bathrooms with showers, a spacious entrance hall and a wardrobe. In general, we are completely satisfied with everything - the yacht is worth its money!

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