10,89 m / 35,73 ft
3,27 m / 10,73 ft
0,76 m / 2,49 ft
5,90 tonne
600 liters
Fresh water
140 liters
Displacement half
Sea class
B. Sea craft

Princess R35 is a representative of a new class developed at the Princess Yacht shipyard. The carbon fiber hull of the yacht is lightweight and streamlined. This one-deck yacht belongs to the sports class.

The length of the yacht is 10.89 m, the width is 3.27 m, the draft is 0.76 m.

Princess R35 has adjustable hydrofoils that improve the boat’s contact with water and increase speed. The wings are tuned to specific transition conditions using a mobile device connected to the on-board computer. The wings do not work according to the classical scheme of lifting the hull above the water, they only raise the stern of the yacht, which improves the performance and handling of the yacht. There are three armchairs in front of the control post, behind is a sofa and a table, at which three or four passengers can sit.

On the lower deck there is a galley, equipped with a hob and a sink, opposite the bathroom. A sofa is also provided here, which can serve as a berth for the owner of the yacht and a table.

The yacht is equipped with two Volvo Petrol V8 engines with a capacity of 430 hp. every. Princess R35 has a speed of 45-50 knots. The fuel supply is 600 liters, the water supply is 140 liters.

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Time of year
Reviewed 17 Aug 2020
J'ai acheté le bébé R35 assez récemment, car j'étais simplement fasciné par le design, il est clair qu'ils ont fait de leur mieux. J'ai conduit le yacht à grande vitesse d'un ami, donc il y a beaucoup moins d'espace dans les cabines et les lieux de repos sont très exigus, mais ici, malgré le fait qu'il ait été créé pour la vitesse, la situation est complètement différente, pour laquelle je l'aime encore plus. Au fait, je ne sais pas comment ils l'ont fait, mais même à une vitesse décente, il est normalement contrôlé et reste stable sur l'eau. Je ne... more
  • 2022
  • Length 10.94 m
  • Beam 3.29 m
  • Draft 0.79 m
$ 895 000
15:18 14.09.2022
  • 2020
  • Length 10.94 m
  • Beam 3.29 m
  • Draft 0.76 m
$ 627 808
08:36 25.03.2021

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