6,99 m / 22,93 ft
2,56 m / 8,40 ft
0,55 m / 1,80 ft
0,00 tonne
280 liters
Fresh water
80 liters
Sea class
C. Coastal ships

The vessel Quicksilver Activ 755 Cruiser is in production at the shipyard Quicksilver since 2017.

The two-color boat received a streamlined windshield with wipers to protect passengers and the captain from splashes. In the manufacturing process of the vessel, fiberglass is used, which allowed to reduce the total weight. On the deck there is a small table, chairs with comfortable pillows and a sofa with a hinged lid for storing accessories. The boat is designed with a wide entrance to the cockpit, equipped with handrails and high rails in the bow for the safety of passengers.

The boat with hydraulic steering is equipped with a fuel level sensor and carbon monoxide, and all information about the speed and speed is displayed on a digital display. The control station is equipped with a helm, adjustable captain’s chair, trim indicator, and a reverse and gas switching mechanism.

Under the deck there is a cabin with a double bed, drawers and shelves for storing water supplies, as well as a place for a bathroom. A boat with large portholes that provide good daylight.

The Quicksilver Activ 755 Cruiser is CE marked (C), allowing it to go out to sea, but no further than 200 miles from the coastline. Mercury suspension units are installed on the vessel, with power from 175 to 200 hp. The capacity of the fuel tank is 280 liters, and the tank for storing drinking water is designed for 80 liters.

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