50,00 m / 164,04 ft
9,00 m / 29,53 ft
2,70 m / 8,86 ft
Cruising speed
14,00 kn
Max speed
15,00 kn
48 500 liters
Fresh water
12 500 liters

“I’d like to try and cruise on her…”, was the wish Eng. Carlo Riva expressed when the renderings of the first Riva 50-meter mega yacht were shown to him. Since September 2014, when in Monaco Ferretti Group’s Top Management announced the creation of the ‘Superyachts Division’, the ideas and projects revolving around brand's new light alloy fleet have developed rapidly. The dream of building light alloy, displacement Riva superyachts, entirely customizable by the Owner in terms of interior outfitting and décor, takes forward the ambition and ingenuity that between the 1960s and ’70s pushed by Carlo Riva. Today this dream has turned into an increasingly tangible and exciting reality. Indeed, a Riva engineering and design team entirely devoted to the ‘Superyachts Division’ settled down at the Group's Ancona shipyard.

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