26,76 m / 87,80 ft
6,35 m / 20,83 ft
1,90 m / 6,23 ft
76,00 tonne
Cruising speed
30,00 kn
Max speed
32,00 kn
8 000 liters
Fresh water
1 700 liters
Sea class
A. Ocean Ships

The yacht Sanlorenzo SL 86 is a lightweight 27 meter vessel with a fiberglass hull with a flybridge. Having retained the usual outlines of the series, the new model has become 2.5 meters longer than its predecessor Sanlorenzo SL 82, and has a c-shaped lounge area with a removable awning on the bow deck and large windows on the main deck. The yacht was presented in September 2015 at the Cannes Boat Show.

To meet the wishes of customers, the shipyard has developed two options for planning the model of the yacht. The first involves placing a galley on the main deck, the second - on the lower, next to the crew cabins. In the second version, a significant part of the area on the main deck is freed up, which makes it possible to place a spa pool on it.

Flybridge is the largest in its class. Its area is 41 square meters, 9 of which are reserved for the tanning zone. You can climb it by the so-called "soaring staircase", each step of which is attached between two glasses. A great place to relax on this model of yacht will be the main deck with lounge area and shaded terrace. On the upper deck there is a dining room, a bar and a dance floor. The lounge has a dining area, living room and kitchen. The place for rest on the yacht is also increased due to the removal of the control post on the mezzanine.

Sanlorenzo SL 86 involves the placement of a tender garage, which will make it possible to land on an unequipped shore. The hydraulic swimming platform can be of two types: standard - 1.2 meters and extended - 1.6 meters.

The model of the yacht is designed only with a bias on speed, without taking into account autonomy, and therefore is not suitable for crossing ocean latitudes. With a fuel reserve of 8,100 liters, the yacht is suitable for small cruises on warm seas, at a speed of up to 30 knots.

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Sanlorenzo SL 86
Antibes, France
  • 2016
  • Length 26.76 m
  • Beam 6.35 m
  • Draft 1.90 m
$ 3 885 470
18:08 16.09.2019
Sanlorenzo SL 86
La Spezia, Italy
  • 2016
  • Length 26.76 m
  • Beam 6.35 m
  • Draft 1.90 m
$ 4 907 962
15:38 07.06.2021
  • 2020
  • Length 26.76 m
  • Beam 6.35 m
  • Draft 1.90 m
$ 5 419 208
02:58 05.04.2021

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