19,80 m / 64,96 ft
5,56 m / 18,24 ft
2,00 m / 6,56 ft
23,60 tonne
1 000 liters
Fresh water
1 200 liters

Model Pilot Saloon 65, as befits a flagship model, it stands alone in the model range of the company — she even devoted a separate corporate web site, which is usually done only for special, elite ships. However, the 65-gutovic is always a serious boat designed for long voyages and carrying on Board maximum comfort. But in this case there is another important circumstance — when designing Pilot Saloon 65 a sample was taken of ocean racing yacht Open 60 class. Of course, we cannot say that Wauquiez Pilot Saloon 65 is a copy of a racing boat, just when designing the boat took into account many of the details used during the round-the-world race Vendee Globe type involving these boats. One of the unique Pilot Saloon 65 findings, which appeared in the course of development, became its movable cockpit — a longtime dream of its designer, Olivier Ramapo.

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  • 2010
  • Length 19.80 m
  • Beam 5.56 m
  • Draft 2.00 m
$ 1 056 240
22:54 22.08.2019
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