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The Croatian city of Zadar is an ancient and beautiful tourism center in North Dalmatia, famous for its picturesque nature, magnificent lakes, ancient cities on the coast, as well as a developed tourist infrastructure. Traditional types of entertainment here are yachting, beach volleyball, fishing, underwater hunting, diving and rowing.

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In Zadar you will find a clear sea, approaching close to the beautiful pebble and sandy beaches of pine trees, quiet bays and many types of entertainment. By studying the yacht market and planning to buy a yacht in Zadar, you will save a lot of your time if you turn to the professionals of our company - you can easily pick up the latest and most profitable ads for selling boats from direct sellers.

Sights of Zadar

The main attractions are concentrated in the Old Town located on the peninsula, you can get around them on foot in a few hours. Definitely worth a visit:

  • St. Donat's church of the 9th century;
  • Founded in 1396, First Croatian University - Universitas Studiorum Jadertina;
  • Roman Forum (1st century BC);
  • Cathedral of St. Anastasia (The cathedral of St. Anastasia (Zadar Cathedral) 12 century in the Romanesque style;
  • St. Mary's Church, 11th century;
  • The Church of St. Simeon's (St. Simeon's church (Sv. Šime) of the 14th century is one of the main attractions of Zadar;
  • Archaeological Museum;
  • Spectacularly beautiful waterfalls in the Plitvets National Park;
  • Sea Organ (Sea Organ (Morske orgulje).

You can also not ignore the nearby beaches, for example - Vitrenjak near the local yacht club, Kolovare - the most popular stretch of the coast among the locals or plunge into the vibrant nightlife on Zrće beach with its night clubs. Also in the vicinity of the city are picturesque natural parks, which are worth visiting because of the diverse and rich nature.

Yachting in Zadar

Very good conditions for yachting have formed in the Zadar area, because thanks to the large number of sunny days, the long yachting season, the many cozy bays, as well as more than 900 islands located near the coast, you can spend exciting and useful time on sea trips. You can stay in Zadar in Marina Tankerkomerc with 330 berths for ships up to 25 m long and with a draft of up to 10 m, near one of the 50 marinas for ships up to 12 m in length, Boat Club Jadran Zadar or at the pier of the Zadar Pitter Yachting yacht club . If you are interested in selling yachts in Zadar, contact one of the reliable Croatian yacht brokers, for example, AYC FLOTA DOO (Pula), AQUATORIA YACHTING (Pirovac) or DALMATIA YACHTING (Murter).

Getting there

There are various international airports scattered across Zadar, many a short distance from our yacht sell bases:
  • Zadar
    Zadar Airport is an international airport serving Zadar, Croatia. It is located in Zemunik Donji, 8 km (5 mi) from the centre of Zadar.