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The French resort of Ajaccio is located on the vibrant and vibrant island of Corsica and is the birthplace of Napoleon, as well as the largest city of the island. In Ajaccio you will find all the components of a fruitful holiday - beautiful landscapes, objects of historical significance, many cafes and shops on narrow streets and modern entertainment centers.

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In this city, a lot is connected with Napoleon Bonaparte - a street, numerous cafes and hotels are named after him, and the emperor’s birthday (August 15, 1769) is the most significant holiday for the inhabitants of Corsica. Ajaccio's location is in the west of Corsica, in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, securely protected on three sides by mountains. On the coastline of the island there are about 200 beaches, and thanks to the mountainous terrain, local views are unforgettable. Corsica has all the opportunities for yachting, and if necessary, you can buy a yacht in Ajaccio to get the opportunity to spend your vacation on the water in an exciting and interesting way.


Of the sights of Ajaccio, first of all, it is worth visiting the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the 16th century with a font in which the future Emperor of France Napoleon was baptized, the National Museum of the Residence Bonaparte, the Fesch Museum (the second largest after the Louvre), A Bandera DʻAjaccio Museum, Foch Square in the very center of the city, the bright orange cliffs of Calanche Cliffs, surrounded on all sides by the picturesque pine forest Lake Tola, as well as the only casino in Corsica. There is a diving school in the city, and you can always relax in the use of national dishes or a glass of wine in one of the institutions on Central Street, which stretches along the coast.

Yachting in Ajaccio

The climate in Corsica is warm, Mediterranean with minimal rainfall in the summer, which makes this area favorable for long boat trips. Ajaccio is the most visited city in Corsica, and there are well-sheltered and well-equipped marinas:

  • Port de plaisance with a hundred berths for yachts from 5 to 20 m long;
  • Port Tino Rossi, designed to receive up to 300 vessels up to 100 m long with a wide range of services (refueling, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, etc.);
  • Gare maritime with 120 seats, etc.

The parking of a small yacht in the ports of Ajaccio will cost you from 35-50 Euro per day. An ideal place to anchor and relax is the Girolata Bay - the most beautiful on the island. It is also worth visiting the Port of Calvi, located somewhat to the north - this place is popular among tourists and preserves the atmosphere of antiquity. If you are interested in selling yachts in Ajaccio, contact one of the yacht brokers in the south of France, for example - JMA YACHTING (Frejus) or DE VALK ANTIBES (Antibes).