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Arzon is a small commune in the west of France in the Brittany region, known as an important tourist center of the Fifth Republic with a rich architectural and archaeological heritage. Here, many are represented by prehistoric megalithic stones and dolmens over 4 thousand years old, as well as the most beautiful buildings in France from different periods of history.

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The Brittany region is a great place to test your abilities in the field of sailing, there are many competitions of this kind. If you are faced with the task of buying a yacht in Arzon, it is better to turn to experienced specialists - this will save you time and money. Only professionals who are well guided in the yacht market will be able to choose for you the most profitable and optimal technical options.


Megalithic monuments that will be shown to you during excursions along the coast are considered to be the calling card of Arzon. The most popular city attractions include:

  • The object of historical heritage is the monumental complex Cairn Du Petit Mont, consisting of two pyramids of the Neolithic era and 2 dolmens with engravings;
  • The building of the old mill of the 12th century Le Moulin de Pen Castel;
  • A company for organizing outdoor activities at sea - Krog e Barz;
  • Kerners Kayers Kayak Kayaking and Kayaking Center;
  • Restaurant Le Nausicaa;
  • Restaurant Le Green;
  • Restaurant La Sorci? Re et al.

For wellness, you should head to the Miramar La Cigale thalassotherapy center - here you will find water gymnastics, body wraps, massage, fitness and other procedures that are beneficial to the body. You can organically supplement the wellness in Arzon with walking or cycling - many sights can be seen exploring the picturesque surroundings of the city.

Yachting in Arzon

On the west coast of France, yacht infrastructure is well developed, adjacent to unspoilt nature - there are many yacht and golf clubs, marinas and marinas. However, due to the frequent harsh winds and rocky coasts, this region cannot be considered a place favorable for beginner yachtsmen. Buying a boat for sea voyages in this region is the choice of those who want to test their character and sailing skills. Interested in selling yachts in Arzon ? Then correctly evaluate your strength and in case of lack of experience in selecting offers on the yacht market, we recommend that you contact trusted yacht brokers, for example, SN SABLAISE NAUTIQUE (Les Sables d'Olonne), MARINE WEST LORIENT (Lorient) or MARINE OUEST SERVICE (Nantes) )