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The city of Lorient in western France is a significant center for yachting on the Atlantic coast and the fourth largest city in Brittany - an area known for its powerful tides, especially strong in the northern part of the region.

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In Brittany, you can find many cozy fishing towns (for example, Concarneau, Sauzon or Oderne) and excellent beaches with white sand. There are all conditions for educational tourism and yachting, and the best time to visit Lorient is autumn (from August to November). Wanting to buy a yacht in Lorient, take a look at our offers, because among them you will find really relevant and beneficial options from the owners.


The main city attraction is the football club of the same name, known far beyond the borders of the country. Also, Lorient Harbor is a home port for several skippers and sailing teams (Alain Gautier (Foncia), Sebastien Joss (British Telecom, etc.). Lorient must be liked by those of yachtsmen who are interested in the history of France, love museums and walks along the sea coast. The most ancient sights of the city - objects of megalithic architecture, more than 5 thousand years old, the remains of the Roman road laid from Bath to Quimper are somewhat younger. Two 17th-century mills located in the Port Louis Citadel Museum of the Indian Company and the Museum of Maritime and Oceanography in the La Thalassa fishing trawler are also worth a visit. The locals consider Lorient's visiting card the picturesque island of Grua 8 km to the south, which is a popular place for outdoor recreation.

Yachting in Lorient

Traveling on a yacht is better in summer, spring or autumn, as in winter cold weather sets in Lorient with strong winds and frequent rains, which does not contribute to yachting. Lorient is called the “city of five ports”, because there is a military, fishing, commercial and passenger ports, as well as the Port de Plaisance de Lorient marina for 370 seats with a monthly parking fee starting at 106 Euro per month. Yachtsmen can also take advantage of the harbors in neighboring Port Louis and Le Havre. If you are interested in the sale of yachts in Lorient, contact the professionals - only in this case you can be guaranteed legal cleanliness and security of the transaction. Examples of responsible yacht brokers on the Bay of Biscay are: LA BAULE NAUTIC (Pornichet) and GRASSI BATEAUX (La Rochelle).