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Marseille is the oldest city in the south of France, which has many historical monuments, symbolic buildings and green areas, which are definitely worth visiting for any tourist who comes here. The city has a respectable age (more than 25 centuries), the first settlement at this place was called "Massalia".

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Now Marseille is the largest port in the country with many cafes and restaurants, famous for its Provencal cuisine (among which is the bouillabaisse crown), well-maintained beaches and extensive shopping opportunities. One of the most popular types of recreation in Marseille is yachting, it is convenient to go from here for a trip along the French Riviera, and an abundance of all kinds of entertainment attracts tourists from all over the world (including extensive fishing opportunities in the Mediterranean, nightlife, etc.). When planning to buy a yacht in Marseille, pay attention to the offers of our company - we are sure you will find among them suitable in terms of parameters and cost.


Since Marseille is a city with a rich history, there are many museums here, among which are worth visiting:

  • Museum of European Civilizations;
  • Museum of the Mediterranean;
  • Museum of Mediterranean Archeology;
  • Regional Museum;
  • Museum of Roman Docks;
  • Museums and parks of Boreli and Lonshan, etc.

In turn, the Old Port of Marseille is the center of city life, where the “real spirit of Marseille” lives and where it is good to walk at any time, at the same time visiting local restaurants, and in the evening watch the beautiful sunset.

For shopping, Canebière Street with luxury shops and boutiques of well-known brands is perfect, and in many local markets you can buy souvenirs unique in beauty.

Yachting in Marseille

If you have a yacht, then you should visit the rock island with the fortifications of the 16th century that have survived to this day, and also see the If castle. The old port of Marseille (Vieux-Port de Marseille) is designed to park 3,500 yachts up to 90 m long with a draft of up to 5 m. The new port (Marseille Fos) serves as the main sea harbor of the city and makes it possible to repair ships longer than 270 m. Marina in Lavera it is designed to receive oil vessels up to 275 m long with a draft of 12.8 m, the marina at Karont accepts ships up to 190 m in length and with a draft of up to 8 m.

If you are interested in selling yachts in Marseille, you can turn to the services of yacht brokers in the region. Examples of responsible yacht brokers are: STAR YACHTING (Golf-Juan), GROUPE CHEMINS DOCEANS (La Grande-Motte) and ALLIANCE NAUTIQUE 66 (Narbonne).