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La Spezia is a city on the shores of the bay of the same name (the picturesque "Bay of Poets") on the northern coast of the Ligurian Sea, known as the Italian Riviera. This is the easternmost resort of Liguria, which for centuries has had important strategic and commercial importance.

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The climate of this region is mild, with damp winters and warm sunny summers. The most acceptable time to visit La Spezia is the period from May to October, when long walks and bathing are possible due to the warm weather. La Spezia is a very noisy and vibrant city with many restaurants serving seafood specialties as well as attractions. To buy a yacht in La Spezia, take the help of our specialists - you will receive professional advice and support at all stages of the purchase and registration of the vessel.


The best attractions of La Spezia are:

  • Temple of Santa Maria Assunta of the 15th century on Piazza Giulio Beverini;
  • Fortress of San Giorgio;
  • Cathedral of Christ the Savior;
  • Maritime Museum (Museo Tecnico Navale);
  • Ethnographic Museum (Museo Civico Etnografico);
  • Museum of Modern Art Centro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea della Spezia (CAMEC);
  • Via del Prione, ideal for shopping;
  • Via via Domenico Chiodo with many shops and banks;
  • Villa Marmori;
  • Fortress of St. George (Castello di San Giorgio) 13th century.

Although the city is located on the coast, there are no private beaches in La Spezia, the nearest sandy and pebble beaches are in neighboring Lerici and Portovenere.

La Spezia Yachting

The La Spezia area is one of the most fashionable resort areas in Italy and here, on cozy beaches, the most wealthy sections of society rest in enchanting landscapes, in the absolute silence of the mountains. The combination of warm waters of the Ligurian Sea and picturesque nature in the absence of gale winds makes yachting in this area the preferred type of vacation.

To find out about current offers for selling yachts in La Spezia, contact one of the yacht brokers in the region, for example - ETEMA | YACHT BROKER (Santa Margarita Ligure) or AUTOSALONE ITALIA SRL (Naples).