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Viareggio is a seaside resort in the Italian region of Tuscany, famous for its unforgettable picturesque landscapes, cities with outstanding architectural monuments, pristine beaches and Tuscan wines (for example, Chianti dry red wine produced in large volumes).

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Viareggio is located on the Ligurian Sea, in the Italian Riviera and is considered one of the most popular resorts in this region - not only tourists from all over the world come here, but also Italians themselves who can compare local infrastructure with other regions (and there really is plenty to choose from ) You can write a separate article about the infrastructure of Viareggio, we only note that here sailors can not only relax on the beach, but also engage in various sports (for example, surfing), and also sit in one of the huge number of cafes, bars and restaurants. When planning a vacation or stay in this region, you can allocate funds to buy a yacht in Viareggio and travel along the Italian coast, which is extremely rich in cultural monuments and attractions.

Attractions Viareggio

During the bombing of World War II, most of the ancient attractions were destroyed. However, the pearl of this city can be called architectural objects - old buildings in the Art Nouveau style, built along the promenade and harmoniously combined with picturesque sea landscapes. Of the main attractions of Viareggio, the first thing worth mentioning is:

  • Luxurious city promenade with a lot of cozy cafes, restaurants, taverns and fashion boutiques;
  • Torre Matilde Tower;
  • The residence of Napoleon's sister is Villa Pauline Bonaparte;
  • Park Viale Capponi;
  • Church of Sant Andrea of the 19th century;
  • The famous carnival, in which huge parody dolls of famous people are transported along the coastal boulevard.

Yachting in Viareggio

Excellent weather, picturesque landscapes and a convenient location contribute to the development of yachting in Viareggio, where unique landscapes are combined with kilometers of well-equipped city beaches. Every year, the city hosts an exhibition of yachts and boats Versilia Yachting Rrendez-vous, where leading manufacturers of the industry are represented. If you are interested in selling yachts in Viareggio, you can always contact one of the trusted yacht brokers, for example, AUTOSALONE ITALIA SRL (Naples) or ETEMA | YACHT BROKER (Santa Margarita Ligure).