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The small town of Sneek in the north of the Netherlands is located in the province of Friesland, known for its unique landscapes, traditional culture and the largest network of inland lakes in Europe. In Friesland, sailing, boat racing and other forms of entertainment are common.

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Traveling on a yacht in this region, you can get acquainted with picturesque landscapes, rare forest and rock landscapes, visit museums and temples. If you are planning in the near future to buy a yacht in Sneek, we recommend that you look at the offerings of our company - to catalog the current versions of the direct sellers.


The city has its own atmosphere, and you can get acquainted with it by visiting its attractions:

  • The symbol of the city is the Gate on the water “Waterpoort” of the 17th century;
  • Town Hall on Marktstraat 15th century;
  • St. Martinuskerk Church on Oud Kerkhof;
  • Water tower;
  • Schaapmarktplein square with a monument to Peter Gerbrandi - the Prime Minister of the Dutch military government from 1940 to 1945, etc.

The nearest cities are the capital of Friesland, Leeuwarden (21 km), Heerenveen (18 km) and Drachten (27 km).

Yachting in Sneek

Neighborhood Sneek has to yachting, because there developed a network of lakes and canals, as well as there are numerous marinas and service centers. Moor in Sneek can berths marina JFT Watersport with an extensive set of services 20 and parking areas for boats up to 10 meters and a draft of up to 1.6 m, at quays marina Zijda Yachting BV or marina Jacht Electroservice Sneek. Interested in selling yachts in Sneek ? Then take the help of professionals - yacht brokers will help you navigate the difficult yacht market. Examples of responsible brokers in the Netherlands are BOATLAND (Meppel), ESAILING YACHTBROKERAGE (Blaricum) and EUROPEAN YACHTING NETWORK (North Brabant).