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Southampton is located in the south of Great Britain, in the county of Hampshire, famous for its many cozy old castles and pretty houses, as well as its huge and picturesque New Forest park, which was once hunted by English kings and courtiers. It is known that people settled on this place since the Stone Age, during the period of the Roman invasion the Clausentum fortress was erected, from the 11th century Southampton became the main port in trade between England and Normandy, and from the mid-18th century the city became a popular resort.

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It was from Southampton that the famous Titanic set off on its fateful voyage. Taking advantage of the possibilities of your own yacht, you can visit the many picturesque castles on the coast in the Southampton area, explore the magnificent beaches, stroll along the old streets and try a variety of dishes at local pubs. If you are planning to buy a yacht in Southampton, pay attention to 2yachts offers - if necessary, employees will provide you with comprehensive support at all stages of the selection and purchase of a vessel.

Attractions Southampton

In a city with a long history, there are many historical buildings and architectural monuments that deserve the attention of any yachtsman or ordinary tourist who came here. The most famous and popular attractions of the "Gateway of the British Empire" include:

  • 12th Century Bargate City North Gate;
  • City walls of the 14th century (one of the best preserved walls in the country);
  • Kalshotsky castle of the 17th century;
  • Church of St. Michael - 11th century St Michael's Church;
  • The Tudor House of the 15th century;
  • Mottisfont Abbey;
  • Maritime Museum (one of the symbols of the city);
  • Museum of Archeology;
  • Medieval merchant house;
  • National Automobile Museum;
  • City art gallery with 3,500 unique exhibits, which will be interesting to visit for all lovers of painting;
  • City Cemetery - Southampton Old Cemetery with the burial places of soldiers of the 1st and 2nd World War, as well as 60 tombstones dedicated to the drowned passengers of the Titanic (although their bodies were not delivered to Southampton);
  • Southampton Port, etc.

Yachting in Southampton

Great Britain is a country of brave sailors with a long history of navigation and many interesting and picturesque corners worth visiting. Sailing schools operate in Southampton, the International Yacht Show and other events are organized annually, and there are all conditions for yachting - there are many yacht clubs on the south coast of the UK, and the weather conditions are acceptable. You can moor at Southampton Port with several hundred marinas for vessels with a draft of up to 9 m, at Ocean Village Marina with 326 places for ships up to 90 m in length or at ABP Town Quay Marina with 200 marinas for vessels up to 27 m in length (cost parking can start at £ 12, £ 40 per month and £ 358 per year). If you are interested in selling yachts in Southampton, contact one of the trusted local yacht brokers: MARINA MARBEY UK UK, WHY BOATS, SEA VENTURES or APPROVED BOATS.