8 of the UK's most exciting yachting destinations
Denis Korablev
  • 29.04.2020
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8 of the UK's most exciting yachting destinations

Great Britain is a country with a rich sailing history and yachting here can be fun and exciting. The country is washed by four seas at once: North, Irish, Hebrides and Celtic. The UK includes several archipelagos at once, for example - the Hebrides or Orkney Islands. The UK has just a huge number of bays, harbors and coves. The islands of the country offer extensive opportunities for yachting, but the main limitation can be the weather, which often presents unpleasant surprises. Many boaters are limited to sailing along the south coast, where there are many marinas, but there are also many local yachts, as a result of which the harbors are usually crowded. The southern and southwest coasts are best for sailing, and Southampton hosts an annual regional sailing competition. Hoping to explore the coasts of all 4 of the Kingdom's constituent countries, you should consider purchasing a reliable and modern yacht. The company's offers 2yachts include many options for purchasing yachts at affordable prices, our specialists are well guided by yacht market and are ready to provide you with a choice of only the most relevant options.

Scilly Archipelago

The Scilly Archipelago is known for its picturesque landscapes and dolphins can be seen sailing along these islands. There are spacious beaches, picturesque corners of which are similar to the most attractive places in the Caribbean region. The Isles of Scilly are approximately 40 miles from the Cornwall Peninsula and yachting enthusiasts should love the organized beaches with soft white sands, clear blue waters and the accompanying wind. Travelers in this region unwittingly understand why the Isles of Scilly are considered the sunniest and warmest places in this island country. Traveling on a yacht in the Celtic Sea, in the far south-west of Great Britain, you can easily come across seals, puffins and other equally remarkable representatives of the animal world, showing the biodiversity of the region. Also, nothing will prevent you from trying your hand at diving or snorkeling here - the underwater world is also pleasing to the eye with its diversity. The coastal area is well suited for yachting, and Coase Island regularly serves as the center of the annual regatta, and then even the nearby lakes become a safe haven for yachts. The longest regatta in Great Britain, Cowes Week, welcomes both amateur and professional yachtsmen and lasts a whole week.

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond is the largest lake in Scotland, and there is enough water for yachting. In the southern part of the lake there are many islands (about 60), for example - Inchmarrin, Inchfad, etc., 60 rivers flow into the lake, and only one flows out - Lemn. On the largest island, Inchmarrin, you can see the ruins of a 7th century monastery, as well as a 14th century castle, used as a hunting royal residence in the Middle Ages. One of the best starting points for sailing is Milarrochy Bay, and yacht rentals are available at the local sailing club where sailing courses are also available for boaters.

Isle of Wight

The city of Coase on the Isle of Wight in the south of the country has long been a significant yachting center, popular with sailing enthusiasts, and it is in this place that the longest Cowes Week regatta is organized. Here is not only one of the best places for yacht charter UK, but also for management training yacht on courses at one of the best sailing schools in this country. Also in Coase there are a lot of well-preserved buildings with medieval architecture, for example, a fortress erected at the beginning of the 16th century as part of the city's defensive line, which protected Coase from raids from the sea.


The city of Lymington, located in Hampshire, is a popular sailing center in the UK. There are 2 equipped marinas for yacht parking, and the city has many beautiful buildings that can amaze the traveler with their beauty - true architectural masterpieces, and the shores are often vast fields with emerald green grass. This is one of the most frequently mentioned yachting destinations in the South of Great Britain.


Lake Windermere is located in Cumbria and is a large and deep body of water with excellent sailing opportunities. The average depth of the lake is 40-50 m, and the total length is about 17 km. In the vicinity of Windermere, there are three yacht clubs that provide their members with a unique opportunity to make exciting sailing trips, combining them with fishing, if necessary - there are a lot of different types of fish in the lake. However, the most interesting thing here is that among the locals there is a legend about a monster like Loch Ness living in the waters of the lake - they call it "Humpbacked Nessie" because of the presence of a hump on its back. But legends remain legends, and no evidence of the existence of the legendary monster has yet been collected.


The cozy town of Fowey in Cornwall is a welcome yachting destination, where you can park your boat and go tasting a variety of beers in nearby pubs. If you want to stroll along the old streets of the city, you should definitely look into the colorful shops with clothes, dishes and souvenirs. And, of course, don't miss out on the chance to dine on the local mussel signature dish served in local restaurants.


Norfolk is another favorite destination among British yachtsmen, providing more than 200 square kilometers of navigable rivers, lakes and bays for this purpose. There is no doubt that traveling here will provide you with the opportunity to visit many interesting and picturesque places.


The town of Pulchely in Wales in the south-west of Great Britain is a popular destination for organizing sea travel, stunning, first of all, for its picturesque and unique nature. The Principality of Wales is famous far beyond the borders of the country for its outstanding cultural and architectural monuments and pristine beaches. The local nature delights tourists with its majestic, untouched beauty. Numerous sailing regattas are held here, including those of the European level. This place is perfect both for learning the sporting spirit of competition and for recreational sailing trips, during which you can admire the picturesque landscapes of this seaside town, which is a protected area.

If you are interested in yachting in the UK, the best time to go on a sea voyage is from May to October. It is especially hot here in July and August, so you should not count on a comfortable sightseeing. Here you will not encounter any problems with mooring, thanks to the developed network of ports, marinas and anchorages (mainly in small coastal villages), you can stop at almost any convenient place.