Yachting in the Bahamas
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Yachting in the Bahamas

The Bahamas attracts tourists with its luxurious beaches, magnificent coral reefs and incomparable nature. Main Islands: New Providence, Ragged Island, also noteworthy Rum Reef, Abaco Islands, Aklins, Andros, Bimini, Berry Islands, Cat Island, Curved Island, Elethera, Ikzuma, Grand Bahama, Harbor Island , Inagua, Crooked Island, Mayagana, San Salvador and the so-called Spanish Wells.

The capital of the Bahamas is the picturesque city of Nassau, which is located on the small island of New Providence. Andros is recognized as the largest island in the Bahamas. It is possible to travel between the islands by plane, but ticket prices are high. There is no urban public transport system as such, so people mainly use taxis, and also rent cars, bicycles, etc.

The main attractions for tourists are diving, fishing, swimming with dolphins, yachting and watching pink flamingos and exotic iguanas on the islands of Grand Bahama, Andros, Inagua, Berry, Bimini, Abakos and Eleuthera ...

Due to its tropical climate with constantly high temperatures, the Bahamas is very popular with yachtsmen around the world. By renting a yacht in the Bahamas, you will be able to see truly unearthly beauty with your own eyes. The most popular period among yacht rentals is from December to March. Only 30 of all the islands in the country are inhabited, and the rest have remained untouched by civilization.

Natural attractions

The islands are distinguished by a successful combination of the natural wealth of local nature and developed yachting infrastructure. Therefore, anywhere in the archipelago you can enjoy the natural beauty without worrying about fuel and food supplies.

The Bahamas is a great beach destination. Holidays in the Bahamas are quite expensive, but that does not stop tourists - an average of 6 million people vacation in the Bahamas every year. The hotel service here is organized at the highest level, and is considered the best in the Caribbean.

The Bahamas is called a paradise and it is not without reason. In summer, the average temperature ranges from 26 to 32, and in winter from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius. The water temperature all year round ranges from 23 to 27 degrees, which means that the sea is suitable for swimming at any time.

Marina Nassau is the perfect place to start an unforgettable yacht trip. If you prefer the beauty of the underwater world, you should visit the Esquum archipelago, where the most convenient diving locations are concentrated. You can plan fishing in parallel with boating on the Bimini Islands, where you can see unique coral reefs. Keep in mind that most of the islands in the country are privately owned, which must be taken into account when planning a vacation.

The best time to visit the Bahamas is from September to May - there is almost no rain at this time. Heavy rains begin from May to November, hurricanes sometimes rage. The Bahamas are home to bats, iguanas, flamingos and many more unique bird species. The total number of flamingos is about 50 thousand individuals, and the Bahamian is the largest colony of these graceful birds.

More than 25 protected areas have been formed on the islands, which are distinguished by rich flora and fauna. Almost every island in the archipelago has gorgeous beaches. Clean sand and warm water create an extraordinary atmosphere. Central New Providence Beach (located on the picturesque Long Island on Cape Santa Maria) is considered the most luxurious in the country. If you wish, you can not only sunbathe and swim, but also make a bet in a casino (Big Bahama Island is the local center of casinos and clubs), or even go to a neighboring island.

In the Bahamas, you can not only have a good time on the beach. There is also the possibility of active recreation, for example, there are all conditions for playing golf, tennis, traveling on motorcycles, surfing, kiting.


A huge number of cozy restaurants and bars can be found on most of the islands of the archipelago. You can visit any of them and dine for an adequate price, or you can choose a more impressive restaurant and have a snack several times more expensive.

Animal husbandry in the country is poorly developed, so rice, pasta, shrimp, various marine life (except for protected turtles) are mainly eaten here. Previously, turtle soup was considered a national dish, but over time their population declined significantly and hunting for turtles was banned.

Seafood salads, crab, shrimp, grilled shells and much more are considered a delicacy.

The Bahamas has many natural beauty spots (eg pink sand beach) steeped in history. But the symbolism of the Bahamas is no less interesting.

Symbols of the Bahamas

It is noteworthy that Santa Maria, the flagship of Christopher Columbus, is shown on the shield of the country's coat of arms. The coat of arms of the Bahamas is a composition of national symbols. The top is a light pink shell, symbolizing the marine life of the Bahamas. The summit is composed of undulating green palm branches symbolizing natural vegetation. Blue waves symbolize the water of the Bahamas. The shield is filled with gorgeous and shining rays of the sun to show the world famous pleasant and warm climate of the resort, and this also means a bright future for these islands. The flamingo, the national bird, and the silvery blue marlin support the shield.

The national motto of the islands "Forward Upward Onward Together" (which means "Forward and Upward, and Everywhere Together") is draped along the base of the coat of arms. Note that at one time there were even national competitions organized to choose a motto for the coat of arms, and the competition was won by two 11-year-olds. The preliminary design of the coat of arms was prepared by the Bahamian artist Hervis Bine. The selection of the yellow flower among many other flowers was voted on by all members of the three 1970s New Providence Garden Clubs — the Nassau Garden Club, the Carver Garden Club, and the International Garden Club.

The design of the Bahamas flag is a black equilateral triangle superimposed on a horizontal background, composed of three equal stripes of two colors: golden and aquamarine. Black, a strong color, represents the energy and strength of united people; the triangle indicates the interest and determination of the inhabitants of the Bahamas to develop and cultivate the rich resources of the land and sea (gold and aquamarine, respectively, symbolize the sun and sea).

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