Yachting in Mallorca
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  • 29.03.2021
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Yachting in Mallorca

Mallorca, as it is also often called, is the ideal island for a beach holiday. In addition, it attracts with its beauty of vegetation, clear sea, sun that shines all year round. Tired of the monotony of sea bathing, you can visit, if you wish, many excursions suggested by the guide, or rent a car and explore the island on your own.

Hotels please with a wide price range, allowing you to choose a holiday according to your mood. You can order excursions to interesting places, which will not be lacking. For lovers of flora and fauna, there are national parks. Yachtsmen 2yachts celebrate combining high quality of service and the charm of the Mediterranean, Mallorca has embodied the dreams of Europeans for the perfect vacation.

Attractions (what to see)

The popularity of Mallorca as a holiday destination increased in the mid-50s of the last century. At that time, the island experienced a tourist boom, which subsequently gave impetus to its development as a tourist-oriented facility. This makes Mallorca one of the priority holiday destinations on the Mediterranean. The landscapes, mountain ranges covered with lush vegetation, fertile plains with broken citrus gardens, as well as well-groomed beaches and picturesque coves are striking.

Palma de Mallorca

The capital of the island is Palma de Mallorca, or, as the islanders briefly call it, Palma. The city is located along the Mediterranean coast and is famous for its beautiful pristine beaches, white yachts and other sailing light ships in the port, which are the hallmark of the city. Sailing is popular here, sailing regattas competitions are also held, many of their participants are representatives of the nobility of the kingdoms of Spain, England and other states.

The city of Palma itself is very beautiful and picturesque.

One of the most attractive, incredible in its architecture buildings in Palma is the Cathedral, the construction of which dates back to the 13th century and the construction lasted for more than two centuries. The city has preserved many Renaissance buildings. Therefore, while walking around the city, it seems that time in these places has stopped, stopped and you are transported again several centuries ago.

The Almudaina Palace can be called a monument of history, architecture, a place that is most visited by tourists. It has been known since the reign of the Romans, who built their camp here. Later, having come under the rule of Muslims, the palace became a fortress, then under the rule of the Spanish rulers it was considered their residence for the summer period. In this capacity, he acts today. But the kings of Spain with their court rarely visit it now, this allows ordinary tourists to be within the walls of the palace, to admire the luxuriously decorated chambers of the nobility.

During the reign of Ancient Rome, another attraction of the island is also referred to - the ruins of the city of Pollentia. It occupies a fairly large area, about 20 hectares, which suggests that the city was quite significant in its time. At the moment, excavations are continuing, anyone can see and bypass the remains of Pollentia.

The western part of the city looks more modern, where there are large shopping centers, shops of famous brands, nightclubs, bars and restaurants. The nightlife here does not subside during the entire holiday season on the island.

Ancient Citadel Castel de Bellver (Bellver Castle)

The fortress was erected at the beginning of the XIV century by the architect Pere Salva as the summer residence of the King of Mallorca Jaime II. Several times it was under siege, and in the 16th century, after a big fire, underwent restoration and rebuilding, as a result of which it received artillery, but lost some of the decorative elements.

The castle was built in the Gothic style and has a rare round shape. The ancient Jordanian fortresses served as a prototype for it. The castle towers, also round in plan, have a strict orientation to the cardinal points.

Royal residence

During the reign of the Moors in Mallorca, the Almudena Palace was the main residence of the viziers. The mansion was rebuilt in the XIV century, during the reign of King Jaime II, but even after that the distinctive features of Arab architecture are clearly visible on the facades of the building.

The king's knights have been using this palace for a long time, later the representation of the Viceroy of Mallorca was located here. Today, the Almudena Palace is home to the royal family.


The basic mountain range of Mallorca, which stretches for 90 km, is the Sierra de Tramontana. The mountains of Puig Major and Puig de Massanella are the highest points of the island and rise almost 1.5 km above sea level. The Sierra de Tramontana, in addition to dizzying natural landscapes, is notable for the fact that it is included in the lists of natural and cultural sites of UNESCO.

She was awarded this title due to the combination of natural beauty and agricultural landscape. People, using the land, poor in water sources, enriched it with various water channels and mills, which gave the area a special charm and charm.

Port de Soller

The city of Port de Soller is located on the coast of the bay of the island of Mallorca. There is all the necessary tourist infrastructure, including hotels, a port and 2 sandy beaches. The city itself, where you can admire historical sights, is located 4 kilometers from the bay.

You can get to it, admiring the picturesque Sierra de Tramontana mountains that surround the port, by bus or car. But it will be much more interesting to make this trip along the old line of the tram line, operating from 1912 to the present day.

Paseo de Born

Paseo de Born Street is the hallmark of Palma de Mallorca. This is the real tourist center of the island: just like 100 years ago, today it also hosts merry parties, carnivals, dance festivals and demonstrations.

Paseo de Born is a favorite vacation spot not only for tourists, but also for locals. This street is home to cozy cafes, shops, brand boutiques, historical buildings and monuments. Once in Palma de Mallorca, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the evening promenade along the Paseo de Born avenue and admire the city.

Yacht charter

You can rent a yacht in several marinas, the largest and most popular of which is the yacht club Real Club Nautico de Palma.

Sailing regattas are organized by the leadership of the yacht club. The Marina is located in the central capital of the country and can accommodate over 1,000 vessels of various capacities. By renting a yacht in Spain, you will be able to touch the world of premium vacation. It is here that one of the most significant sailing competitions in the region is held annually - the Princess Sofia Cup, which dates back to 1986.

If necessary, you can always rent a yacht with the help of specialists from 2yachts. We offer affordable prices and a qualified approach at all stages of the transaction. With us you will find your dream yacht!