Yachting in Zakynthos - attractions of the "turtle island"
Denis Korablev
  • 23.09.2021
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Yachting in Zakynthos - attractions of the "turtle island"

The island of Zakynthos is a place in Greece, famous for its unspoiled natural beauty and rich historical heritage. It is worth going here for the sake of relaxing on white beaches surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery, visiting shrines and exploring local attractions.


Travelers in Zakynthos have the opportunity to visit unique natural sites, including the picturesque bay of Navayo with the dilapidated ship Panayotis, shipwrecked here in 1980. with impressive panoramas and views of the cliffs, the island attracts tourists from all over the world.

There are many caves, grottoes and beaches on the west coast. And the northern coast is replete with arches and grottoes, which you can swim in by boat. The island has charming cities with ancient architecture and monuments, but its main attraction is nature, because among tourists Zakynthos is famous, first of all, for its unique beauty landscapes and water of an unusual azure-blue color.

Some interesting places that experienced travelers 2yachts recommend to visit:

  • Blue caves created by nature - in a complex of three grottoes, the water is so clean that you can see every pebble at the bottom. In addition to beauty, the object is also of practical value - waters with a high mineral content have a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • Church of St. Dionysius - the main Orthodox church in Zakynthos;
  • Church of St. Nicholas Mola 16th century - an example of the Byzantine style in architecture, the only one on the island that has been well preserved to this day;
  • Water Village - the largest in all of Greece, in addition to water activities, trampolines, golf and go-karting are presented here;
  • Monastery of Our Lady of Anafonitria - built on the site where the icon of the Mother of God was discovered by local residents in the 15th century, from which a flickering light emanated. Inside the church, ancient frescoes of great historical value have been preserved;
  • Byzantine Museum - the largest on the island, here you can get an idea of the development of Christian culture on the island;
  • Stone Park Askos with a petting zoo - here travelers can admire stone structures and visit animals, among which there are representatives of rare species;
  • Zakynthos Marine Reserve - created with the aim of preserving the rare species of Caretta-Caretta turtles, which have chosen the island since ancient times (for this reason, the island is often called "turtle"). There are also several endangered plant species growing here;
  • Transfiguration Monastery 13th century - built on two small islets called "Strofada";
  • Keri Caves - here you can dive, watching turtles and fish swimming between the corals.

Arriving in Zakynthos, you will find all the conditions for a great pastime. One of the island's attractions is the wonderful beaches. The most famous of them - Navagio, or Shipwreck Beach, invites vacationers to swim in the turquoise waters, lie on the soft white sand and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding rocks.

Gerakas Beach is a nesting place for rare turtles, well suited for seclusion in nature. Banana Beach has conditions for recreation of all categories of tourists who appreciate the combination of developed infrastructure and ideal natural conditions. Quite popular among tourists is the beach of Alikanas, located near the town of the same name, and Kalamaki in the southeast of Zakynthos is one of the longest on the island. The beaches of Plaka, Porto Vromi, Porto Azurro and Makris Gialos are also very beautiful.


The climate in Zakynthos is typical Mediterranean, with dry summers and rainy winters. Precipitation in winter is especially frequent, frosts are almost non-existent. It can be very hot during the summer during the day, so when visiting the island between June and October, you should choose an air-conditioned hotel. The nights are especially pleasant after the heat of the day, and many tourists spend their evenings in the summer by the sea.

The island is considered the sunniest place in Greece, and its climate is the mildest in the country. Due to the favorable weather conditions, Zakynthos has vegetation. In March and April, you can observe how the slopes of the mountains, valleys and plains are covered with emerald green.

Outdoor activities

The island offers opportunities for colorful cruises, cycling and diving. Here you can rent a yacht and go to explore interesting places, organize hiking or horseback riding, play golf and go on a rented bike to discover the beauty of the island. The blue caves and Keri caves are accessible only from the sea, and nature lovers should also visit the island of Marathonisi, the place where the offspring of rare species of turtles are bred - the carriage. By contacting the organizers of horse excursions, you can go on a horse ride along the picturesque beaches.

Due to its outstanding natural beauty and purity of water, Zakynthos is popular with divers from all over the world. Plunge into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea and spot turtles, fur seals and colorful fish. Also on the island you can devote time to learning something, for example, learning how to sculpt clay products. The huge Fantasy Mini Golf park is great for families with children, and the youngest citizens should also like the Caretta Fun Park Center water park.


The local cuisine has absorbed all the best features of Greek cuisine. The key ingredient in almost any dish is olive oil, which is especially tasty in Zakynthos, where olive groves grow in abundance. Garlic, lemons, tomatoes and aromatic herbs are also widely used. After tasting the local dishes, you will be surprised by the richness of their taste.

The most famous dish on the island is Sartsa beef cooked with tomatoes and hard cheese. Also popular is "Skordostubi" made from vegetables, seasoned with vinegar and paprika, and Greek horiatiki is unrivaled among salads. Locals are very fond of meat and traditionally in Zakynthos establishments they serve baked or stewed rabbit, "Suvlaki" shashlik and calf with onions and tomato sauce. There are much fewer traditional fish recipes; fish and seafood on the island are fried, boiled, stewed and dried. Fish dishes are best purchased in taverns closer to the coast.

Home-made bread and sweets are also popular on the island, for example, the popular Mandolato dessert or Pastels. Taverns in Zakynthos are open almost 24/7 and in many of them you will have the opportunity to dance to Greek music while you wait for your meals.

And walking through the picturesque corners of Zakynthos, you will find a state of peace in this magical place, filled with the scent of pine resin and fragrant herbs. Possessing a golden coast, favorable climate and a variety of bright colors, this is truly a "luxurious flower of the Mediterranean". It is not in vain that Zakynthos has been a source of inspiration for creative people for centuries. Undoubtedly, a trip here will bring you a feeling of complete relaxation and unity with nature.

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