Yachting in Italy: Neighborhoods of Naples
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  • 04.10.2021
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Yachting in Italy: Neighborhoods of Naples

Naples is one of the oldest cities in the world, a major seaport and the capital of the densely populated Campania region. The city is famous not only for its stunning landscapes, but also for Europe's largest historical center, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A unique climate has been formed here, the sun shines almost all year round and there are interesting places for recreation.


For tourists, Naples has a huge variety of cultural and historical attractions, as well as good opportunities for beach holidays and ecotourism.

Some of the most popular attractions recommended by experienced travelers 2yachts are:

  • The monumental castle of Castel del Ovo (12th century), located on the tiny island of Megaris, is an architectural monument of amazing beauty. The observation decks of the building offer a beautiful view of the sights of Naples;
  • Pompeii is one of the main attractions of both the city and Italy as a whole. The excavations of the ancient Roman city buried during the eruption of Vesuvius (now it has been turned into an open-air museum) attract both archaeologists and numerous tourists;
  • Vesuvius is a legendary dormant volcano, in the foothills of which the city is located. On its slopes, a National Park is organized with 9 different routes for exploring;
  • The medieval castle of Sant'Elmo 14 in the high Vomero hill is a great place for walking and contemplating beautiful views;
  • National Archaeological Museum, whose building was built in the early 16th century. The richest collection of the museum is represented by ancient frescoes, unique collections of mosaics, antique coins and medals, the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities in Italy, etc. Here is the Farnese Bull - the largest surviving antique statue;
  • Royal Palace 17th century, striking with perfection and grace of architecture and interior decoration;
  • The Pio Monte della Misericordia complex, which attracts crowds of tourists 17th century, which contains masterpieces of the late 16th century;
  • Very beautiful castle of Castel Nuovo 13th century, from the walls of which a wonderful view of the port opens.

Also noteworthy are the Gothic Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore 13th century, the Cathedral of St. Januarius 13th century, the Chapel of San Severo 16th century, the Teatro di San Carlo opera house and other objects of architectural and cultural value.


Located in the vicinity of a supervolcano, Naples has a much milder climate than other regions of Italy, and the soil here is much more fertile. There are more sunny days here than Rome, and the climate is generally much milder. And if the purpose of your visit to Naples is not a beach holiday, then you can plan a trip at any time of the year.

The amount of precipitation in summer is much less than in winter. The rainiest month is October. The hottest month of the year is August, when the temperature is kept at + 22-24 degrees Celsius. The coldest period lasts from December to February, but even at this time there are no frosts here.


Despite the fact that the coastline of Naples reaches 20 km, the city does not offer extensive opportunities for a beach holiday. And since this is one of the largest Mediterranean ports, the water in many places is significantly polluted and swimming is prohibited there. Places where pay beaches are between marinas are usually very crowded. There are very few free beaches and, as a rule, there is no infrastructure on them.

Therefore, a visit to the vicinity of Naples becomes an excellent solution, especially since the distance from the city the beaches only get better. Consider the best beaches - both within the city and beyond.

Lido Mappatella beach is located near the Castel del Ovo castle, in the historic center of the city. The beach is quite long, although it does not have the appropriate infrastructure. The private beach Bagno Elena in the west of the city is equipped with cabanas and sun loungers, there are also several bars and a wooden pier. Palazzo Donna Anna and other historic sites are located nearby on the waterfront, while the nearby hills offer impressive views of the city and the bay.

The most visited beaches in the vicinity of Naples are located in the Pozzuoli area. Lucrino Beach is free, equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers, and usually not crowded here. The beach is located very close to the station, which can be reached from Naples by train in just half an hour. Popular among surfers is Licola, located further on the west coast.

A yacht can cross the bay to reach the pebbly beach Marina-di-Puolo, one of the most picturesque in the Sorrento area. The water here is very clean, which is confirmed by the Blue Flag award. Also, while traveling on a yacht, you can stay in one of the many picturesque bays with clear water or visit wild and deserted beaches in beautiful places.

Opportunities for active spending time

There are a large number of tourist routes in the vicinity of Naples. Those interested can climb on foot to the summit of Vesuvius volcano - the only active volcano in mainland Europe. It offers amazing views of the city and the bay. Vineyards and orchards grow on the slopes of the volcano; thanks to volcanic ash, the soil here is very fertile.

The Phlegrean Fields (a well-known volcanic zone on the western outskirts of Naples) has many interesting places to visit while hiking through the vineyards. For example - the monuments of the era of ancient Rome in Pozzuoli, the Sibyl's cave or the archaeological park of Cuma. Fans of ecotourism will love the Pozilipo Cape, which is a wonderful observation deck offering the best views of the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius. Here you can visit the Parco Vergiliano a Piedigrotta park, where the tomb of the ancient Roman poet Virgil is located.

The number of entertainment centers in the third largest city in Italy is huge, and you will always find a place to relax with the whole family. Those who are vacationing with children should go to the Anton Dohrn Aquarium located near the center. Also very popular is the Panda amusement park equipped with a variety of playgrounds and attractions in the immediate vicinity of Naples, and anyone who prefers more unusual entertainment should be advised to visit the planetarium INAF Capodimonte Astronomical.

Funimondo Adventure Park is perfect for active pastime - there are rope rides with interesting areas for climbing the cable car, as well as conditions for organizing picnics. The Edenlandia amusement park with a variety of attractions is intended for the youngest tourists. The park is the Italian version of Disneyland and offers souvenir shops, restaurants and many food courts.

You should definitely visit the Naples Zoo (Lo Zoo di Napoli) - here you can see lions, elephants, fur seals, peacocks, flamingos and many other animals, birds and reptiles. Also, animal lovers should visit Ippodromo di Agnano, where graceful horses compete, and gamblers place bets trying their luck.


Naples has a huge selection of comfortable yacht berths, and the surrounding rocky coastline is very picturesque. The Gulf of Naples is rich in fish and your catch can be tuna, yellowtail or spotted shark. By organizing a boat trip, you can go fishing or enjoy the peace and quiet, looking at the city from the water.

When planning a yacht trip along the Neapolitan coast, the itinerary can include the islands of Ischia, Procida and Capri, as well as the "city of lemon and orange groves" Sorrento.

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