Yachting in Turkey: the surroundings of Beldibi
Denis Korablev
  • 13.04.2021
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Yachting in Turkey: the surroundings of Beldibi

The small Turkish village of Beldibi is nestled between two picturesque natural sites - the eastern slopes of the Taurus Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. Nearby, in Antalya, there is the largest international airport, from which Beldibi can be reached in just an hour by car. Beldibi belongs to the resort area located 14 km north of the tourist center of Kemer and offers a wide range of entertainment for tourists. In general, the village is about 7 km long, stretching along the coast, resembles one street, along which hotels, residential buildings and retail outlets are comfortably located.

The village owes its name to the river of the same name, on the banks of which the village stood. The inhabitants of this village were mainly engaged in the cultivation of oranges. However, since the end of the 20th century, the tourism sector has been developing here, and Beldibi becomes a famous Turkish resort. At first it was a budget resort, but over time (in the 21st century, a number of luxury hotels are being built), people with wealth also began to reach here, including those who like to rent a yacht in Turkey and travel along the coast of this country. In the area of the village, the Mediterranean climate reigns - the summer is dry and hot, and the winter is rainy and humid. The hottest and sunniest months are the period from July to September, when the air temperature is kept at the level of 29-32 ° C. The sea water warms up to 28-29 ° C, and ideal conditions for families with children are created.

It is noteworthy that even those who do not have significant funds can relax in Beldibi - there are enough 3 and 4-star hotels for every taste. If you need to have a good rest on the beach, it is better to give preference to hotels with their own sandy beaches of bulk type. The picturesque surroundings of Beldibi seem to be created especially for walks, and here you can anchor in one of the secluded coves, visit banana groves or climb the nearby mountains.

If you are keen on shopping, you should go to neighboring Kemer, where there is a large selection of boutiques and large shopping centers. In Beldibi, trade is carried out mainly in small shops and markets. There is something to do here for young people - numerous entertainment venues (including open-air discos) attract guests with panoramas and picturesque views of the coast opening from different places. If you are interested in nightlife, you should go to neighboring Kemer or Antalya, where the number of nightclubs is great, in addition, large shopping centers are concentrated there. More recently, Beldibi was a small village, where mainly shepherds lived (the first hotels appeared here only at the end of the 20th century). But now the village is a popular resort with a developed infrastructure and many attractions.


Famous for its ancient cities, Turkey is also interesting for its natural features. So, in the nearby village of Kirish, one can observe an inexplicable phenomenon - flashes of fire that suddenly appear from the ground in different places on Mount Tahtali. It is simply impossible to predict their appearance in the next moment.

The nearby city of Phaselis was once a major shopping center. Founded back in the 7th century BC Phaselis remains a lot of old buildings that are definitely worth seeing: the fortress walls, towers and ports. According to legend, it is here that the burial place of A. Macedonian is located.

Another attraction is a picturesque canyon in the vicinity of Goynuk. Along with Pamukkale, it is the most attractive attraction in Turkey. The canyon is very popular with tourists arriving in Antalya. There are a large number of streams flowing right down the walls, which are interesting to see. The rich vegetation is pleasing to the eye, and do not forget your camera at home - the variety of flowers and fruit trees can amaze even the sophisticated traveler. We also advise you to visit the place of the beginning of the source of Kojasu - here are the ancient ruins of the city of Marma. Not far from Beldibi there is an abandoned tunnel leading to Antalya, now archaeological excavations are being carried out next to this object.

And among the most remarkable natural attractions of the village are local caves, discovered in the mid-20s by scientists and becoming an important discovery in the archaeological environment. After conducting research for several years, scientists managed to discover the historical layers in which ancient household items and weapons were located. Many items were made from animal bones.You can look at these archaeological finds in the central museum of Antalya. And in the caves, rock paintings were discovered, which depict people and objects of the hunting organized by them in antiquity. Also in this place there is a very picturesque, but small waterfall.


Those who prefer active pastime can be advised to go rafting - rafting on Turkish rivers accompanied by Russian-speaking guides will bring a lot of new sensations. Like all mountain rivers, the water here is clear, the Keprulu River flows surrounded by fragrant pine and cedar forests. Also on its banks are the ruins of the ancient city of Aspendos, built in ancient times.

Near Beldibi there is a water park with a large selection of attractions. In any case, you can guarantee that you will not be bored in this wonderful Turkish village. You can ride a horse at Berke Ranch, located 7 km north of Kemer - here you can take one-time walks along picturesque trails in the forest and in the mountains, or use a full-fledged program for several days. The beaches of Beldibi are pebbled, but there are also places for beach holidays with loose sand. In many places, access to water is provided only from the pier, which makes it difficult to rest with children. Sea waters of azure color, surrounded by picturesque landscapes, await new tourists, among whom the city beach is most in demand.

However, there are also many beautiful places that are known to a few. These include the wild sandy and pebble beach located near the Amara Premier Palace Hotel, bounded on one side by rocks, and on the other by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are practically no visitors here, and this place will surely appeal to lovers of secluded relaxation in silence. Despite the fact that there is no infrastructure for recreation here, catering establishments are located a little to the west, where you can have a hearty snack with dishes of national cuisine.


Some of the best, according to tourists' reviews, hotels in Beldibi are:

  • Club Salima (there are 2 outdoor pools and a clean, well-groomed beach);
  • Club Hotel Rama (one of the most budget-friendly options with a private beach and high ratings on Booking.com);
  • Rixos Sungate (an impressive hotel complex offering a range of services including spas, fitness clubs and a water park).

The choice of places to stay is limited to a few dozen hotels located on the coast or on the slopes of nearby mountains.

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