Yachting in French Polynesia. Tuamotu Archipelago

Yachting in French Polynesia. Tuamotu Archipelago

The Tuamotu Archipelago is a two ridge of low-lying islands, most of which are coral atolls. The closest ones are located about 300 km from Tahiti. Travelers are attracted here not only by natural resources (for example, over 90% of all black pearls in French Polynesia are mined here) and attractions, but also excursion opportunities. As experienced travelers 2yachts note, lovers of exotic holidays should definitely go here to enjoy the gentle sun, incredibly beautiful beaches with soft sand, warm ocean waters and observe the numerous inhabitants of the seabed.

The Tuamotu Archipelago was discovered at the beginning of the 17th by the Portuguese navigator P. Kyros, who also discovered the islands of Tonga, New Hebrides (Holy Spirit Islands) and Santa Cruz in the South Pacific. And in 1947 Tuamotu was visited by Norwegian traveler and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, following the supposed migration route of the Polynesian ancestors.

Now the islands are part of French Polynesia and airfields have been built on some of them, tourist infrastructure is developing everywhere. Of the 78 atolls, only 45 are inhabited. The first inhabitants of the archipelago were the Polynesian tribes who migrated from the Society Islands. Today, the main activities of local residents are pearl mining and tourism.

Most of the islands are covered with coconut trees, pearl farms and sandy beaches. For those who are already fed up with traveling to European countries with the usual attractions in the form of medieval castles, villas, temples and parks, the Tuamotu Islands can offer unusual entertainment. Taking advantage of the suggestions of the organizers of excursions, you can get acquainted with the culture, life of the inhabitants of the archipelago and feel the local flavor.

Places of interest

The islands cannot boast of having cultural and historical sites. Meanwhile, travelers are offered a wide range of activities and excursions.

Some of the most popular attractions in Tuamotu are:

  • The Blue Lagoon (Le Lagon Bleu) on Rangiroa Island in the western part of the archipelago. The lagoon is surrounded by small islands covered with coconut trees. Here you can snorkel to spot reef and lemon sharks underwater. The Blue Lagoon is approximately an hour's boat ride from the island's largest settlements, Tiputa and Avatoru;
  • Gauguin's Pearl Farm, which grows the world's most expensive black pearls. It is located in Rangiroa Atoll and offers excursions, during which tourists learn a lot about the process and production technologies. Excursions are suitable for those representatives of the fair sex who wear pearl jewelry;
  • Vaea Dream gift shop offering pearl jewelry;
  • a2lineshop gift shop;
  • Vin De Tahiti Winery on Rangiroa Island;
  • Domaine Ampelidacees Winery. There are restaurants nearby such as Raira Lagon and Te Mao Rangiroa.

You can sign up for a sightseeing tour of Rangiroa - Ile aux Récifs to admire the sharks in the magnificent clear water lagoons, enjoy the amazing scenery and have an unforgettable picnic in the company of people keen on the ocean.

Black pearl pearl farms are located in Manihi - from here excursion boats with tourists on board leave to explore the nearby picturesque reefs. In ancient times, divers with their families lived on the islands, fishing for pearls. However, today it can be argued that the natural reserves of these organominerals are depleted. In order to solve this problem, natural shallows were used by local people to organize farms for artificial cultivation of pearls, and thanks to this, the islands became the largest exporter of black pearls on the planet.

At the same time, aqua farms are a real highlight of the islands, attracting tourists from all over the world. Tours on them are not too expensive and are very popular.


The islands have excellent white sandy beaches with great opportunities for various sports. Among them, the most popular are:

  • Plage La Cloche de Hina and Plage des Sables Roses in Tikehau Atoll;
  • Tekopa Village Fakarava and Fakarava beach in Fakarava Atoll.

The beaches of Tikehau atoll are unique in that the coral sand on them has a pink tint.

Outdoor activities

Rangiroa Island is considered one of the best diving spots on the planet. And from Rangiroa you can go to Motu Paio Reef, where a bird sanctuary with exotic inhabitants is located. Those wishing to spend an unforgettable time can use the services of the Y AKA Plongee Rangiroa diving center - during the excursions you will meet with dolphins, rays, turtles and many species of sharks. The Six Passengers diving center is also very popular among tourists, offering the services of professional instructors.


Traveling to Tuamotu is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the islanders, their music and dances. Due to its isolation from the rest of the world, the archipelago has preserved ancient customs and legends. And crystal clear water and untouched wilderness will bring you complete harmony. Tuamotu is an ideal place for lovers of solitude and silence.

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