What is waterproof clothing
Denis Korablev
  • 17.09.2021
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What is waterproof clothing

Any kind of active recreation and sports at sea requires a responsible and careful choice of equipment. Yachting, in this case, puts forward special requirements for the yachtsman's clothing. Despite the level of modern technology, the sea is unpredictable, and the sunny and calm weather promised by forecasters can suddenly burst into torrential rain or a sudden storm. A true yachtsman is always ready for such changes and never gets into an uncomfortable situation. And non-professionals who have decided to rent a yacht in places with changeable weather, you should know that you should definitely take a waterproof jacket with you ...

Nepromokanets (in other words - storm clothing) is a jacket or overalls that protects the yachtsman from sea spray, rain, snow, fog - everything that makes a person wet and defenseless against the threat of hypothermia.

Modern technologies have made it possible to create a material, from which workwear does not pass water, while allowing free air outlet in the opposite direction. Thanks to this unique property, the body "breathes", remaining dry in the worst slush.

The material from which the non-rims are sewn contains from 5 (Helly Tex) to 20 (Gore - tex R) million pores per square centimeter. These pores are so small that they do not allow water and wind to pass through, but the body breathes well due to the absence of the greenhouse effect. A special blotch on the suit ("breathable") confirms these qualities of the product.

The cut of such suits for yachting is chosen taking into account the conditions of the upcoming operation. If you intend to race on a cruising yacht, a suit consisting of high (to the top of the chest) pants and a jacket with lining is quite appropriate. A one-piece jumpsuit is suitable for racing on sailing dinghies. Our yachtsmen have become accustomed to the suit of the "Offshore" and "Coastal" class, consisting of separate jacket and pants. The "Inshore" model, as a waterproof suit, is most often in demand among sea tourists. There are specialized models of non-ritualists for women. Naturally, serious brands that produce equipment for yachtsmen will not spend money on unnecessary parts that do not bring any benefit. Reflective inserts are essential.

For reinforcement on the elbows of jackets, as well as on the knees and in the area of the "butt" of overalls, the strongest synthetic material Cordura is used.

The color of non-promoters is yellow or red. This is understandable, because in the event of unforeseen situations, it is much more likely to notice on the raft and save a person. A fully equipped yachtsman will definitely wear a fleece jumper and good thermal underwear under the waterproof.

In addition, the experts 2yachts recommend storing equipment in special waterproof yacht bags that ensure dryness of stored clothes even under pouring rain.