Attractions of the island of Anafi
Denis Korablev
  • 22.09.2021
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Attractions of the island of Anafi

Anafi is a small island in the Cyclades archipelago, located 22 km east of Santorini. This island has a natural beauty and is renowned above all for its magnificent beaches. Also, tourists can feel the atmosphere of old Greece here and observe the stunning beauty of the landscapes.

In Greek mythology, Anafi, an island paradise of pristine nature, rose from the bottom of the sea to shelter for the stormy Argonauts. The finds made in the process of carrying out archaeological excavations indicate that the island has been inhabited since antiquity.

In addition to historical sights, tourists are attracted here by the clear sea, picturesque nature and the opportunity to get acquainted with the way of life of the region's population. Here, as well as on other islands of the archipelago, ancient traditions, architecture and way of life are well preserved.


In Anafi you can walk or bike around the island, explore the ancient city of Anafi (Chora) and visit the Kalamos summit with its monastery, which offers wonderful views of the sea and the surrounding islands. The local nature cannot boast of an abundance of greenery; the vegetation on the island is concentrated mainly in narrow gorges. The main settlement is Anafi, built on a hill among the ruins of a Venetian castle. There is a harbor with bars, cafes and taverns next to it. Souvenir shops are at the service of travelers near the main attractions of the island.

Experienced travelers 2yachts recommend the following island attractions to visit:

  • the temple of Apollo (according to legend, it was built by the Argonauts to thank the god Apollo, who showed them the way to the island during a storm);
  • Monastery of the Life-giving Spring 16 in the vicinity of the Temple of Apollo;
  • 18th century monastery in honor of the Mother of God;
  • Church of St. Athanasius;
  • archaeological site on the Kasteli hill by the sea, where an ancient settlement of the 8th century BC was discovered;
  • rock of Kalamos, where you can go rock climbing or explore mountain paths;
  • the only nightclub-bar on the island, housed in a romantic-looking old windmill;
  • ruins of the ancient city of Archea Kasteli;
  • Dragonspileo sea cave with a grotto height of up to 15 m (it is difficult to get to it, but people come here to inspect the stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over millennia), etc.

The main attraction on Anafi is the beaches, which are easily reachable on foot or by bus from Hora. There are ancient ruins near the beaches, and most of the archaeological finds are in the Archaeological Museum in Chora. The island is well suited for walks, during which the traveler will see rural chapels and other examples of traditional architecture, as well as stunning views of the neighboring islands of Pahya, Ftena and Makria.

Although you will not find a developed tourist infrastructure on the island, there are a large number of houses for rent and converted into hotels, so there should be no problems with accommodation. The main occupation of local residents at this time is work in the tourism industry and fishing. During the tourist season, the island's population increases slightly, but the flow of tourists is not as great as in other regions of Greece. Therefore, Anafi is a great place for a secluded getaway away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Local cuisine is varied, healthy and not overly sophisticated. It is based on seafood, meat, vegetables, feta cheese and fish. One of the most popular dishes on the island is the moussakas casserole with potatoes and fried eggplant. A very simple and at the same time delicious dish is Greek kebab served in pita (souvlaki).

Wine is popular among drinks, and raki grape vodka takes the leading place among spirits. In Chora you will find taverns serving delicious traditional Greek cuisine. At the same time, in some establishments, you can also order pizza and pasta.

Outdoor activities

The island is small and well suited for walking, tourists also have the opportunity to rent a bike for faster movement. While walking, you can visit vineyards, see beautiful courtyards and snow-white houses. The island is also an ideal destination for climbers, as the Kalamos Rock on the eastern side of Anafi is the tallest monolith in the eastern Mediterranean.

Those who wish can find a boat with a driver on Anafi in order to get to the most isolated and deserted beaches of the island (many of the hidden beaches of the island are inaccessible from land).

Anafi Beaches

Along the southern coast of the island, there is a whole string of beaches with pure golden sand - their beauty is breathtaking. One of the best on the island is Megalos Rukunas beach with a length of 0.5 km. Here you can observe beautiful scenery and taste delicious snacks at the local snack bar. A 20-minute walk from the port is the uncrowded Klisidi beach, where you can rent a room. And in the town of Monastiri there is a wild beach, reliably hidden from prying eyes.

The beaches of the island are popular among tourists who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city - swim in clear water, taste traditional cuisine, surrounded by hospitable locals and enjoy the silence in the lap of nature. The coastline of the island is heavily indented and a large part of it is occupied by beaches, providing privacy and relaxation. The most popular way to get to Anafi is by boat from neighboring Santorini. Santorini has an international airport with connections to European cities.

Traveling on a yacht in these places, you can visit other islands in the Cyclades - Naxos, Mykonos, Santorini, Ios, Paros, Andros, etc. Many of them have a rich historical and cultural heritage, and the entire Cyclades archipelago is rightfully considered the most picturesque of all the islands of the Aegean Sea.

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