French Polynesia: Tahiti Island

French Polynesia: Tahiti Island

Tahiti is the largest of the islands of French Polynesia, attracting tourists from all over the world with its enchanting beauty of nature. It is here that one of the most popular places is yacht charter in French Polynesia, as it is very convenient to go from here on a cruise to the islands of the region. Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, the island of Tahiti is famous for its white beaches, beautiful mountain landscapes, rich underwater world of coral reefs and the best diving in the world.

What to see

There are not so many attractions in Tahiti, but you should definitely visit the Black Pearl Museum in the center of the island's capital - Papeete. We also recommend visiting the colorful Heiva I Tahiti festival, dedicated to the traditions and culture of Tahiti and the surrounding islands.

Other popular attractions on the island include:

  • The 19th century Notre Dame Catholic Cathedral in Papeete. The cathedral was built in austere Gothic style and is decorated with magnificent stained glass windows, frescoes and exquisite sculptures;
  • The Paul Gauguin Museum in Mataiea, based on the site of his home - this is where the French Post-Impressionist painter painted some of his best paintings;
  • Vaipahi's Lush Water Gardens is a landscaped area on the south coast teeming with exotic flowers and beautiful tropical plants;
  • Church of Jesus Christ in Papeete, built in the 19th century;
  • Poafai Temple, erected in 1990;
  • The old Chinese temple of Mamao, guarded by two dragons;
  • The Mataoa Garden, located between the Tahiti Ichi Peninsula and Papeete, is a unique place with ancient plants dating back to the time of the dinosaurs. Here tourists can admire rare plant species, and exotic flowers are sold in the local boutique;
  • Museum of Tahiti and the Islands in the town of Punaauia, where you can get acquainted with the culture and life of the islanders before the arrival of Europeans. In addition to the ethnographic collection, there is also a collection of shells, a herbarium and a collection of stuffed birds living on the islands of Oceania.

Vayete Park in the center of Papeete is worth a visit - a very popular recreation area, where in numerous restaurants you can try dishes from different cuisines of the world. And the Taharaa observation deck, a short walk from the city center, offers an exceptional view of Moorea Island and Matavai Bay.

Also of interest is the Tetiaroa Atoll, 59 km north of Tahiti, whose main feature is its exciting story of its discovery, because the first to get here were 3 deserters from the legendary rebel ship "Bounty". Today the atoll bears the name of Marlon Brando - the famous actor bought the island from the heirs of Dr. Williams in 1965 and lived on it for 25 years, constantly taking care of preserving the virgin Tahitian nature.

There are few good beaches on the island, the most popular are Pointe Venus on the east coast with volcanic black sand, the fabulously beautiful Punaaui on the west coast with white sand and nestled in a quiet lagoon in the south of the island Plage de Maui. Punaaui Beach is very popular with snorkelers, Plage de Maui is well away from noisy tourist areas and is child friendly, and Pointe Venus is often included in excursions. In 1769, Captain Cook conducted important astronomical studies at Cape "Point of Venus" (he watched the passage of Venus through the disk of the Sun). In calm weather, Taharuu Beach in the south of the island is very beautiful, where most of the year there is a strong wave, suitable for surfers.

If you prefer shopping, the local market Le Marché (Papeete) is worth a visit, where you can buy local arts and crafts and a variety of souvenirs. In the market, in addition to jewelry, you can buy hats, traditional sarong clothes, exotic fruits, honey, and even paintings by local artists. There are also many shops located near the Notre Dame Catholic Cathedral.


Local cuisine echoes European and Chinese recipes and is characterized by the abundant use of fresh ocean fish and seafood.

National dish - raw fish marinated in coconut milk with lime and vegetables. Local old recipes are used to prepare charcoal-baked fish, fried chicken, bananas fried in spices, etc.

Meat dishes are also popular (pork and other meats are delivered to the island from New Zealand), multiple steaks and kebabs are popular. And if you go to the coastal bistro, you can taste dishes made in the island style from any of the cuisines of the world.

Opportunities for outdoor activities

The island has conditions for water sports, and above all - surfing. Every year, thousands of surfers come here to conquer the coastal waves. Here, in Teahupoo, professional competitions Billabong Pro Teahupoo are organized, where you can watch how the best surfers in the world are fighting. There are waves of sufficient height on the island all year round, but professionals prefer the period from April to October, when their height is maximum.

Another extreme activity is diving, available for both beginners and experienced professionals. Since there are so many tourists on the island, local beaches are great for snorkeling - often coral reefs are located close to the surface, so you can see the inhabitants of the ocean without scuba gear.

Local diving clubs meet international standards and, if necessary, will offer you to dive into the lagoon, at the bottom of which are the remains of sunken ships and aircraft. The richness and variety of underwater life can surprise - colorful butterfly fish, angel fish, etc. live in coral gardens. Also near the island, there are many hammerhead sharks, tuna, eagle rays, manta rays, barracudas and reef sharks.

Lovers of sea fishing will also like Tahiti - it's easy to rent gear, as well as to find an instructor. Also, if you wish, you can sign up for yachting, surfing or windsurfing courses. Various sightseeing tours allow you to learn a lot about the life of the islanders. One of the most popular routes leads to Mount Orojena (the highest peak and most beautiful place in the whole of French Polynesia).


Since the island is surrounded by lagoons and coral reefs, yachting here can be a great pleasure. From Tahiti, you can go to the neighboring islands - even a little sea voyage you can visit many interesting places.

The best time to yacht charter is from March to November. The climate in Tahiti and the surrounding islands is humid and warm. It is cooler here in winter, which begins in May.

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