Interesting options for New Year's gifts for the yachtsman
Denis Korablev
  • 03.11.2020
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Interesting options for New Year's gifts for the yachtsman

New Year is a great occasion to gather in the company of friends, relatives or colleagues who are keen on yachting and congratulate them, as well as to please them with a valuable and interesting gift on the maritime theme. At the same time, the gift does not have to be expensive, in some cases an original idea, "homemade" may be enough. In this article, experienced sailors 2yachts have selected the most interesting New Year gifts for yachtsmen worth up to $ 100.

Good things

Sailing enthusiasts who have been actively conquering the sea for a long time should choose practical and functional accessories that will be useful on board. For example, it can be a flashlight working without batteries, a thermo mug, a thermos, a compact external charger, special waterproof covers, etc.

One of the most useful gift options is the Waterboy keychain, adapted to keep things weighing up to 1 kg afloat during the day, and at the same time signaling the owner of its location with light signals.

Various models of ships and copies of lighthouses sold in souvenir shops are capable of decorating a yachtsman's dwelling. If a gift is selected for a beginner yachtsman, you can give, for example, sunglasses or gloves, as well as other essentials.

An experienced yachtsman will need and will find a dedicated multitool containing a variety of tools, including wire cutters, opener, scissors, file, screwdriver, etc. You can donate it together with a buoy keychain, so it certainly will not disappear.

If a person is close to you, you can present him with a handmade themed bow tie, in which you can appear for the “Yachtsman of the Year” award. Women can find a unique gift in the form of Demeter Salt Air perfume with a scent of sea air. A handmade bracelet with marine symbols, which will successfully complement the image of an experienced yachtsman, can become a memorable decoration.

Yachting magazine subscription

Being away from friends or relatives, you can make them a nice gift in the form of a subscription to a popular yachting magazine, for example, Yacht Russia or Yachting. Looking through the pages of a glossy magazine, your friends will learn a lot about motor and sailing yachts, travel, regattas and water recreation. This will not only increase their overall yachting knowledge and yachting lifestyle, but it will also make you feel grateful for your care. You can also submit one of the helpful apps to help you navigate, sail or explore the sky.

Marine style clothing

It is clear that it is very difficult to guess the size without trying on, but picking up a scarf, T-shirt, sweater or navy-style vest is quite possible. Such clothing will warm up on sea voyages, when participating in regattas and during sailing training, and also symbolize the recipient's belonging to the yachting community.

A manifestation of care for the recipient will be a gift in the form of a life jacket (for example, from Zhik), which is quite tightly seated on the body and does not restrict movement. This vest is made so minimalistic that the manufacturers did not leave anything superfluous in it - no fasteners, no straps, leaving only the essentials.

A good example of gift clothing can be a striped jacket from Armor Lux - the company has been producing sweaters from natural materials in Britain for more than half a century. The famous Breton stripe in the early 20th century helped French sailors locate a man overboard. It is noteworthy that the sweaters of this brand were worn not only by sailors, but also by such famous personalities as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Audrey Hepburn, etc.


On New Year's Eve, you can please your friends with works of fiction and educational literature that will expand their horizons and help those who are just planning to study at a sailing school or have recently received the license to operate a ship.

It's no secret that skippers have to learn all their lives, and books are an excellent source of knowledge and inspiration. You can pick up works by popular authors about exciting sea adventures, or chic gift editions with photos of outstanding ships.

Dishes and interior items

Choosing from various tableware options, you can give preference to decorated plates or mugs with images of sailing ships or yacht paraphernalia. Also in the yachtsman's house, trays, tablecloths, napkins and pillows with themed images will be a suitable addition to the interior.

An example of an original gift is a inflatable glass holder with wine or juice. This thing, maybe not the most useful thing, but very charming and can serve as a symbol of the team in the event of participation in competitions.


Various bracelets, pendants, brooches, rings, etc. can become a compact and valuable gift for the New Year. Such a gift is small, so you can always easily send it by mail or take it with you on your trip so that you can present it right on the ship at the right time.

You can choose ready-made jewelry with elements in the form of a steering wheel, anchors, nautical knots, etc. But you can also contact the jewelers so that you can make an individual gift that would take into account the tastes and preferences of the recipient.


The confectionery industry produces a sufficient number of varieties of cookies, chocolate, cakes and sweets, made in the form of marine life, shells, anchors and other marine-themed items. Such a gift should appeal to lovers of sweets and will add positive impressions of the holiday, making any winter evening even warmer and more comfortable. You can buy sweets at the store, make a special order at one of the pastry shops, or bake something yourself.

Photo painting, print on canvas

You can choose any photo you like, symbolizing sea travel and yachts. It is possible that this will become one of the brightest shots from a collective trip or from a corporate regatta.

Today you can order the production of a photo picture or print a photo on canvas via the Internet, by sending a photo image in the required quality and specifying the required parameters. There is no doubt that such a gift will bring a lot of positive emotions, and a photo picture can be a good addition to the interior of a home or office.

Gift Certificate

A friend can always get a gift card or give a gift certificate, for example, to participate in an expedition, regatta or training at the school of captains. You can issue a gift certificate for any amount both in the office of the organization and online, using the tools of the company's website. New Year is always an expectation of something fabulous, new and interesting, so you should surprise with something special.

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