How to buy a yacht correctly
Denis Korablev
  • 22.09.2021
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How to buy a yacht correctly

Buying a yacht is a very difficult and responsible decision. Taking into account many factors and evaluating them without self-deception, a beginner-yachtsman will be able to make the right decision. As specialists 2yachts note, purchasing a yacht is not a momentary weakness or an impulse, because a yacht is a complex mechanism that requires constant investments ... Finding the right option can be time-consuming. For a start, it is worth visiting exhibitions, fairs, various shows that are directly related to yachting. You can also ask the price there, for yachts, as for any product, there are discounts, as well as sales for promotions.

The actual value of the boat does not include the regular costs of owning and operating the boat, crewing, regular yacht check-ups, mooring fees and maintenance fees. Annual yacht budget can be quite impressive. Having appreciated this, it will be easier for the future skipper to understand what type and size of yacht is the most affordable.

The first step is to give yourself an honest answer to the question: "What do I need a yacht for?"

The choice of a yacht depends on the owner's intentions for its further use. If you are planning long sea voyages, you need a medium or large yacht. Such a vessel should have recreation facilities, a kitchen and a shower room. The necessary set of things and products must also be securely and conveniently placed. Plus, the possible sailing with friends, provides for their accommodation in a separate cabin. After these calculations and drawing up an annual budget for the maintenance of a suitable yacht, the options and types of boats for purchase will begin to form more specifically.

In the event that an aspiring yachtsman (in the absence of experience!) plans to sail in explored and familiar waters, visiting nearby ports on weekends, a smaller boat would be the best choice. Such a vessel is easier to operate, with its help you can acquire the necessary yachting experience, small yachts are easier to bring into any marina even for an inexperienced yachtsman.

In any of the options, first of all, you need to be self-critical, not overestimate your capabilities and financial condition. This will help you navigate the price and size of the upcoming purchase. A more practical solution would be rent a yacht. A sailing trip on a chartered vessel will determine the final purchase decision, and trying out several different boats will tell you your personal yachting preference.

There is an opinion that as the first yacht, a beginner sailor will do a used watercraft. It seems to be logical, and the price is lower, and in case of a wrong choice, you can sell again. But there is a risk that a pre-owned yacht may require such an investment that, in the end, its price will double.

How to avoid risk?

A reliable and proven yacht broker with an excellent reputation is half of a successful purchase. With its help, after a joint discussion of the upcoming purchase, it will be possible to begin the selection of suitable vessels. It's great if you can personally see the proposed purchase, even better if you can try out the yacht directly at sea using all the sailing equipment. It should be borne in mind that the price of a boat is influenced by seasonal factors - in the summer months, yachts are more expensive.

In order to purchase a vessel at an affordable price and suitable technical characteristics, it is necessary to carefully, slowly, analyze all parties and circumstances of the upcoming purchase. A yacht is a serious and expensive thing, and the more knowledge about it, the fewer possible unpleasant surprises lie ahead.