The beauty of the idyllic island of Culebra (Puerto Rico)
Denis Korablev
  • 15.10.2021
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The beauty of the idyllic island of Culebra (Puerto Rico)

The tropical island of Culebra, located in the eastern Caribbean, attracts tourists from different countries with magnificent beaches, secluded coves, rich coral reefs and an abundance of hiking and biking trails. Although the island does not have a developed tourist infrastructure, it is still popular with water sports enthusiasts. The traveler is surrounded by untouched nature with wild reefs, where divers can dive, and fishermen rush to try their hand at catching sea fish.

Culebra is the main island of the archipelago of the same name; one of the most protected harbors in the Caribbean, Ensenada Honda, is located here. The coastline of the island is composed of sandy beaches, cliffs and areas of mangrove thickets. The only settlement on the island is the city of Devei, which has a small airport and port. From here you can get to the mainland and the neighboring island of Vieques by plane. There are no hotels and casinos on the island, but there are dive centers. The island's economy is based on tourism.


The climate on the island, washed by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, is tropical, the average air temperature is kept at +27 degrees Celsius and practically does not change during the year. The rainy season lasts from June to November, the best time to visit Culebra is from December to April, when it is not so hot and relatively dry.

What to see

On the island of Culebra, the Museum of History deserves the attention of tourists, where you can learn a lot about the history of the island, beautiful beaches, as well as numerous festivities. Also worth a visit is the lighthouse (Culebrita Lighthouse), built by the Spaniards at 19, - one of the oldest in the Caribbean. In the National Park of the island (Culebra National Wildlife), fans of diving and sea fishing gather. For snorkelling tours you can contact Culebra Island Adventures, diving professionals are on hand at Culebra Divers, and adventure tours are organized by Kayaking Puerto Rico.

As noted by experienced travelers 2yachts, the island is famous for its beaches, among which the centers of attraction are Playa Flamenco, Playa Zoni, Playas Brava and Playas Resaka. Mainly Puerto Ricans and Americans come here to enjoy their beach holidays. Playa Flamenco Beach, awarded with the Blue Flag award, surprises with the incredible turquoise color of the sea and is considered one of the best beaches in the world. The beach is covered with the purest white sand, and is surrounded by low hills overgrown with tropical forests. The beach has facilities for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing. Here are abandoned tanks left from the time of the existence of the US Navy base on the island, serving as a popular photographic location for tourists.

You can watch the life of sea turtles at Turtle Beach. After relaxing on the beaches, you can visit the local small library (Culebra Public Library). You can stay in a cozy family hotel, rent a villa hidden in the mountains from prying eyes, or a room in a modern hotel.


Culebra Island's cuisine is based mainly on meat dishes. Local chefs stew the meat in a special caldero saucepan, seasoned with plenty of vegetables and herbs. Among the popular dishes offered to tourists, one can mention: "Sankocho" (a variant of stew), beef "Carne-Gisada-Puerto Rican", pies with meat filling "Pastellon de Carne". Also, you cannot pass by classic paella, Creole veal, chicken with rice, stuffed beef tongue, piglet with fried bananas and very popular soups, for example, "Freeholes Negros", which was also cooked on the island. since the days of slavery. Fish lovers can try crab with vegetables, gourmet lobster soup and dried cod.

To experience the local culture, you should definitely try at least one national dish. With the arrival of Europeans, the traditions of the Indians began to recede into the past, but some Indian dishes have survived to this day, the secret of the preparation of which is known. Popular on the island are thick callal soup, desserts made from various exotic fruits, pita and roti stuffed with seafood, vegetables and meat. And local coffee and rum are a kind of pride of the islanders (Puerto Rico is the birthplace of Baccardi, and black coffee is a traditional drink on the islands).

Outdoor activities

The main activities on the island are snorkeling and diving, developed thanks to the large number of coral reefs with rich underwater life and comfortable sea temperatures throughout the year. Numerous ships rest on the seabed, among which you can swim. There are schools in the capital that teach not only scuba diving, but also sailing yacht management. It is possible to rent yachts and boats for sailing on the islands of the archipelago for both sports and tourist purposes. Local beaches are ideal for windsurfing, and there is not a large influx of tourists. There are campsites along Playa Flamenco, and some tourists spend several months a year here.

If you are interested in urban recreation and shopping, you should head to San Juan - the most important port and main tourist center of the country. From a trip to Puerto Rico, you can bring Bacardi rum, handmade decorative lace Mundillo, masks made from coconut shells, a special version of the guitar called Cuatro, ceramic and other souvenirs to choose from.

From Kulebra you can take a water taxi to the neighboring islet of Kulebrita with the only building - an old lighthouse, as well as 6 small beaches. Visitors are also admitted to the islet of Luis Peña, where hiking, swimming and snorkeling are available. Coral Island Culebra is an idyllic getaway with clean beaches, great food and interesting diving spots. You can get to Culebra by air or by sea from San Juan.

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