Guidelines for choosing reliable binoculars for a yachtsman
Denis Korablev
  • 27.07.2020
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Guidelines for choosing reliable binoculars for a yachtsman

Marine binoculars are an optical instrument that is becoming an essential tool for the sailor. The value of binoculars on board a ship can hardly be overestimated, and in order to be able to see the most distant objects and see small details in any weather on land and at sea, it is worth purchasing a waterproof device.

Binoculars selected for a yachtsman must be water resistant (JIS protection class from 6 or more), have high aperture values for observing at dusk and in bad weather, and improved image contrast. For short walks on rivers, lakes and coastal routes, a device with a magnification of 7-8 times is suitable, and for long journeys in sea and ocean conditions, a model of binoculars with a magnification of 10-15 times should be purchased. It should be borne in mind that nitrogen-filled models are guaranteed to be waterproof.

As advised by experienced sailors 2yachts, binoculars for long journeys must have an image stabilization system - despite the high cost, they have an increased resource, due to which the cost of their acquisition pays off. Note that the size of the lenses should be larger than 50 mm, otherwise it will be difficult for a yachtsman to see anything on a small boat because of the “jumping” image. Also, if possible, it is worth choosing models with a reliably rubberized coating of the case, which will not only prevent damage to the binoculars when it falls, but will also help to hold the device in one hand.

In recent decades, binoculars with a built-in compass have appeared on the market, offered at an affordable cost. Most yachtsmen use a minimal number of instruments for navigation, but binoculars belong to the category of instruments, without which a sea traveler would not want to be on the water. Often, this is the first of the devices that a yachtsman acquires, and if the binoculars are made with a waterproof, rubberized case and high-quality lenses, then they can serve for more than a dozen years without replacement.

The built-in compass has become an excellent addition to marine binoculars, since every lover of sailing on a yacht knows how difficult it is sometimes to distinguish the number of a buoy important for the safety of navigation in low visibility conditions, but the ability to immediately get a direction to the object very important when bearing is available.

Today, GPS is widely used for navigation, but binoculars can be very helpful in situations where you need to navigate in a cluster of buoys and milestones. The cost of marine binoculars with a built-in compass ranges from $ 200 to $ 1000 or more. On the market, you can always hope to find the right model that will fit into the budget of the average yachtsman.

The Best Marine Binoculars of the 2010s as judged by a panel of experts in Yachting Monthly, a yachting fan magazine, are (in ascending order of magnitude):

  1. Tasco Compass weighing 1 kg, with partially rubberized handles, sight lines and compass illumination (angle determination error - 7 °);
  2. Bynolyt Searanger II weighing 1.06 kg, with rubberized handles, sight lines and compass illumination (angle determination error - 1 °);
  3. Fujinon Mariner - without rubberizing the case, weighing 0.9 kg, with hair lines, compass illumination (angle determination error - 1 °);
  4. Tasco Offshore weighing 1 kg with partially rubberized handles, sight lines and compass illumination (angle determination error - 10 °);
  5. Monk Argonaut II weighing 1.15 kg with a superbly easy-to-read compass, partially rubberized handles, sight lines (angle determination error - 1 °);
  6. Steiner Navigator weighing 1 kg, with light optics and good compass damping, rubberized knurled handles, compass illumination (angle determination error - 1 °);
  7. Steiner Commander III weighing 1.2 kg with excellent optics, well-readable compass, red illumination for night work, rubberized handles, sight lines and compass illumination (angle determination error - 0 ° );
  8. Steiner Commander Electronic II weighing 1.2 kg, rubberized handles, sight lines and compass illumination (angle determination error - 0 °).

If you look at the best modern binoculars for 2020, the following models can be distinguished:

  • Binoculars Nikon PROSTAFF 7S 10x42 is an excellent device with a high degree of moisture resistance, which can be used not only by yachtsmen, but also by ornithologists, zoologists and other specialists. The manufacturers have achieved clear images in low light due to the use of full multilayer phase coating, and the 10x magnification is great for working in nature, both with a hand and with a tripod. The case made of special impact-resistant plastic provides the device with increased reliability, and due to the tightness and filling of the optical path with dried nitrogen, resistance to moisture is achieved and condensation from the air is excluded. The eyecups are made of soft rubber that fits snugly around the eyes and protects them from the effects of stray glare from sunlight, wind and dust.
  • Canon 18x50 IS All Weather is a device whose quality and technical characteristics fully justify the cost. Waterproof binoculars have built-in image stabilization and dual field alignment systems. Together, these technologies provide clear and natural images without unwanted optical effects and distortion. The lenses are equipped with Super Spectra Coating to enhance image clarity and contrast and eliminate unwanted internal reflections. These tasks are handled not only by this coating, but also by the ultra-low-dispersion lenses installed in the lens. In addition, the optical design of the device includes aspherical lenses to combat distortion. These binoculars are so powerful that they are perfect even for studying stars and other astronomical objects. The device can be used in difficult weather conditions, but it requires 2 AA marked AA batteries.
  • Nikon PROSTAFF 3S 10X42. Due to the small mass of binoculars, even a child can comfortably use them, while for adults this model is suitable for tourism and travel, in which the weight of each item is important. Waterproof binoculars have good ergonomics, it is comfortable to hold it in your hand, which is facilitated by a pleasant-to-touch rubberized material. The binoculars are waterproof and anti-fog, making the device weatherproof. The prisms are coated with a highly reflective coating, and the lenses of the device are multi-coated, which together provide a clear and bright picture. The binoculars provide a clear image during the day, at dusk and at night. The 3S 10X42 can be called universal, as it can be useful in a variety of situations - from short trips on a yacht to professional activities.

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