The most beautiful bays and bays in Italy
Denis Korablev
  • 23.03.2020
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The most beautiful bays and bays in Italy

Italy is a southern European country, washed on three sides by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and the climatic conditions on its coast are one of the mildest. Each bay and bay of this country has its own special features, but we will tell you about the 10 best of them by visiting them on our own or yacht chartered in Italy, you will definitely not regret it. Although it is rather difficult to single out the best among all the variety of bays and bays, we tried our best and made our own rating.

Gulf of Orosei

The Gulf of Orosei in the east of the island of Sardinia with rocky shores of unusual beauty and other natural attractions has several beaches with access to them by water. All beaches - with clean water, sand and small pebbles, it is convenient to sunbathe, swim and spend time there. Cala Mariol Beach - the most popular in the Gulf of Orosei, with a gentle entrance to the sea and picturesque vegetation. There is practically no infrastructure on Cala Mariolu, there are no hotels, cafes and restaurants. The sandy Cala Luna beach with several caves in its northern part and an oleander grove in the southern part is well suited for recreation with the youngest tourists and is most popular between May and October.

Punta Nera Bay

The small bay of Punta Nera, located on the legendary Elba island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, is accessible only from the water and the local peace and quiet can only be envied. The eponymous beach with an amazing combination of white sand and black sandstone is nestled between the rocks, on top of one of which there is a statue of the Virgin Mary. The wild, untouched beach is practically unknown among tourists, and here you can enjoy solitude, swimming in an azure sea, smoothly turning into a rich dark blue.

Cove Cala Mariolu or "Cove of the Merry Thief" (Sardinia)

Mariolu Bay has an unusual nickname given to it by the locals - "The Bay of the Merry Thief", it is here that one of the cleanest beaches in the world is located. The bay, which can only be reached by water, is located in the province of Oliastra - the least populated in Italy and famous for its village of Seulo ("The place where people live the longest in the world"). Cala Mariolu beach is surrounded by picturesque cliffs and covered with marble pebbles that change their shade from pale pink to snow-white. Not only the beach is interesting, but also the underwater landscape that attracts divers here - numerous fish of variegated colors swim in the turquoise waters, and the best photographs are obtained here. The beach is gentle and perfect for families with children; there are no underwater pits or strong currents here. The bay is reliably hidden from prying eyes, and the local beauty allows it to claim the title of a real “paradise on earth”.


The Fetovaya Bay, located on the island of Elba, is one of the most beautiful in Italy, and is ideal for those who wish to be alone with their thoughts surrounded by pristine nature. The bottom of the beach of the wild bay of Fetovaya is shallow and therefore suitable for recreation with the youngest tourists. The beach is surrounded by picturesque granite rocks covered with dense vegetation, and the clear water and golden sand will make your stay here unforgettable. It is also known that these lands became a place of exile for the emperor Napoleon, who could not endure the torture of snow-white beaches and other beauties and fled the island. I think any modern yachtsman will be glad to go to such a link!


Spinos Bay is located on the northeastern coast of the picturesque island of Sardinia, famous for its resorts, numerous monuments of medieval architecture and cultural attractions, as well as comfortable beaches and protected areas. The bay is located on the territory of the town of Santa Teresa Gallura, where you can shop for food, taste Italian wines and dine on seafood in one of the restaurants. Cala Spinoza beach is famous for the fact that the sea water here is so clear that yachts sailing past the coast seem to be floating in the air. The beach is ideal for getting a lasting tan, diving into the depths of the water and enjoying the scenery.

Red Bay (Cala Rossa)

On the tiny islet of Favignana near Sicily, Cala Rossa is located, known for its mesmerizing sea with many shades - from azure turquoise to dark blue. The island is home to the most beautiful beaches in Sicily, and until recently there were factories producing canned tuna fish here. The quiet and secluded Cala Rossa Beach, surrounded by limestone cliffs, is well suited for a leisurely pastime. Favignana is connected to Sicily by ferry service, and this is the only way to get here - it is always pretty deserted here.

Cala Violina

The Cala Violina Bay is located in the city of Grosseto in the Tuscany region, famous for its architectural monuments (among them the "Falling Tower" bell tower), picturesque landscapes and, of course, popular wines around the world. The beach of the same name - with coarse quartz sand and light water, free, with a cafe equipped with toilets and picnic areas. Despite the fact that the beach is of the "wild" type, it is crowded at any time of the year. You can get here either by car or by bike.


Goloritse Bay, framed by rocks, thickets of evergreen bushes and dense forest. Professional yachtsmen 2yachts mark this bay as one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. Here you can have a picnic, rock climbing or walks among the wild vegetation. The wild beach of Cala Goloritze is officially recognized as a Regional Natural Monument of Sardinia and is of great tourist value. The bay of fantastic beauty with azure clear water, white sand and exotic landscapes will be a great place for leisurely pastime or outdoor activities.

Chiaia di Luna

Washed by the pristine waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Chiaia Di Luna Bay is located on the picturesque islet of Ponza in the Pontic Archipelago and is a favorite diving spot for divers. The white sand beach and wild nature create a special charm that does not leave indifferent sailors and tourists alike.

Orange Bay

Pomerantsevaya Bay is located on the mountainous Gargano Peninsula, covered with evergreen forests, famous for its cities dating back to the Roman period (eg Manfredonia) with authentic historic houses and fortresses. Most of the peninsula belongs to a national park, which is a protected area. The bay is closed from the land side by cliffs covered with evergreen thickets of citrus - orange trees, or bitter orange. In spring, citrus fruits bloom here, spreading pleasant smells in the air; in summer, on the coast, tourists sunbathe and swim. People come here to relax in an atmosphere of tranquility, enjoying the clear waters of the Adriatic, fresh air and an oak and beech forest.